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Let’s decorate some peat pots….

Peat pot decorated for spring and Easter

…. she said. Me. I said that. Tiffany, Melanie and I were going to have a craft night and that’s what I wanted to do. Decorate peat pots. Tiff said, Huh? Melanie said, Oh-Kaaay… They both said, Show me. I showed them some pictures and they were ready to go. Karla at Karla’s Cottage had made some pretty ones. So we got started. I drew a blank. Melanie’s were really cute. Tiffany’s were adorable and she showed them on her blog,  The Cranky Queen. As a matter of fact, she’s showing some today. I had no idea we were thinking the same thing. I’m not copying! I promise! LOL

My pots? Enh. Cute, but….. Here’s the first one.

Decorated Peat Pot


Not a very good angle. You can’t see the bunny and flower pin in the grass. This one was just OK. Not very imaginative or anything. 

#2. Getting a little better:

Decorated Peat Pot


I put the paper on and the ribbon with the Alice In Wonderland title from an old book. Glued the hat (which had previously been made into a pin) on the side. Sat a vintage, chalk rabbit and some flowers in old, Easter grass and called her done.

A couple of weeks passed and I got in the mood to try again. Here’s what I came up with this time:

Peat pot decorated for spring and Easter


The glitter pot is probably my favorite. I put glitter in a bowl, sprayed glue on the pot, then rolled the pot in the glitter.  And then I made this last one. I’m really thinking spring and Easter with these. This one is so simple looking, but took the longest to make.

Decorated Peat Pot




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Hi! I'm Wanda, the owner of Just Vintage and this is my blog where I talk about buying, selling, and decorating with all things vintage. I want to help you learn what to buy for resale and maybe give you inspiration in decorating, even if it's what NOT to do.

7 thoughts on “Let’s decorate some peat pots….

  1. Got to get a little stack of peat pots to decorate now! How perfect for little Easter baskets?!!

  2. I love the glittery one and the pink one and the flowers are fab…gotta borrow that little cutter! The ducks are too cute. YOU DID GOOD GAL PAL…it might be a craft night this week. Tiff

  3. hey Wanda, thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I adore the glittered pot with the duck. Rarely do I ever make what it is that I started out to make. It usually takes several iterations before I get something I really love but the trying is so much fun, Isn’t it?

  4. Hi Wanda…..thanks for stopping by our blog! I was scrolling down thru your projects and i too thought that article on the baseball skin flowers was cool. As i’ve been collecting baseballs the i kept wondering how i was going to get them to be flat also—–LOVE your idea (happy accident) about making them into a basket instead!! I think you should submit that!

  5. Such cute ideas – LOVE your blog! Great inspiration!!
    I’ve been wanting to make covered pots but haven’t got around to it like so many other projects!
    XO Traci

  6. These are really, really cute. I love them all. I like to make several projects when I come up with an idea too. It gives me a chance to try everything but not on one piece, which can be a disaster. These are great! Thanks for stopping by my place and entering giveaway. The lambs are made with cinnamon and modge podge. They were molded likely with a candy mold. Aren’t they great? A prim artist friends sells them locally. I had to share!

  7. What do ya mean they aren’t good? I think they’re adorable. You could easily change out the bunny and hat to fit with any season or decor. I really like the little flowers and trim on the third one. So many possibilities here… I’d be making them in my sleep.
    Yes, I think the sales are better this time of year, so many people cleaning out from the long cold winter.

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