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Curbside find – Floor lamp base turned pedestal

Wednesday is normally craft day for the blog, but there’s been no time for crafting as of late. Obviously, there’s been no blogging time, either. Life’s still hectic with two more estate sales in the works, but maybe not as bad as it was over the past couple of months. At least I’m not moving mountains of junk out of the old shop or preparing for a yard sale. Thank goodness that’s all behind me.

Back in the spring I found, on the curb of a neighboring house, a chippy, all in pieces, broken floor lamp. Of course I grabbed that piece of junk! Ha! How could I pass up that piece of garbage? There are still a couple of pieces I’m trying to figure out what to do with, but this is what happened with the base.

Floor lamp base used as a pedestal : Just Vintage Home
I love old lamp bases! This post – Don’t pass up those lamp bases – shows a few of my favorites.

Lamp base candle stand : Just Vintage Home   Lamp base cloche : Just Vintage Home

So what about you? Have you incorporated lamp bases into your decor? Have you turned a lamp into something else? Maybe a large candlestick or pedestal? Have you blogged about it? I’d love to see!


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2 thoughts on “Curbside find – Floor lamp base turned pedestal

  1. That’s a great idea! I love it! I haven’t turned lamps into other things but I’ve turned other things into lamps. I saw some gorgeous lamps in a beach town shop that were tagged at over $400. I knew I could make it for SO much less. I went to Home Goods and found a tall mercury glass candle stand, added a lamp kit and shade and voila! It looks so much like the original inspiration! I made lamps out of a silver candle stand and a ceramic one too. All at a fraction of the cost. I’ve also found lamps at yard sales for as little as $1 and re-wired them. I love finding treasures like that! Now, I’ll be on the lookout for an old floor lamp with a fabulous base similar to the one you found! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. you know i adore the chippy things, but what i really love about your photo is kitty watching from the background!

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