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And we have a winner!

Live Out Loud



Kymberly won the March give-away of the Capri Blue Boho Luxe candle and the necklace.


Congratulations to Kymberly!






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4 thoughts on “And we have a winner!

  1. Thank you!

    Are you sure that’s not me? If I don’t lay off the Cadbury Cream Eggs, the resemblance could become uncanny!

    Thanks so much! (Picture me flapping my hands and squealing – ’cause I AM!)

  2. So glad you came by. Just go for it with your painting. I use paint with primer in it or I also love chalk paint. If you are going to distress, just DO IT. You can’t go wrong.

  3. how cute! i read your comment and laughed sounded just like me! have a beautiful week and thanks for the visit!! susan

  4. What a fun Easter give-away-vintage Easter items are so neat!

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