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The Latest Vintage and Not So Vintage Haul

Vintage Haul

It was a fun junkin’ weekend at our favorite church sale! We wait for that one all year, line up at the door, then shop, shop, shop. When we leave, we always feel like we’re leaving some unturned stones. Here’s what I bought from that sale as well as a couple of others.

We’re trying to teach my granddaughter to take videos of her mom and me while we’re at the sales, so we can have some “thrift with me” videos. I can’t figure out how people do that. There are plenty of YouTube videos where people film shopping at yard sales and thrift stores, but I’m a little too shy to walk up to a yard sale with my phone recording everything. A thrift store, maybe, but not when the people having the yard sale are staring at you. Ya know? If you know of a not so obvious way or just how other people do it, PLEASE let me know!

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Some Recent Hauls – Vintage Junking

May 2019 vintage haul

Okay. So I gripe and grumble about the sales around here, but they’re not all bad. Truly. I’ve actually been getting some pretty good things for some very reasonable prices. A huge portion, though, I’m keeping. Gotta fill up this big ol’ house, ya know! And shoot. Since we haven’t emptied out the storage units and I don’t have all my stuff here, I might as well buy more! AmIright?

I’m not set up for videos quite yet, so opted to take some snapshots. I hope to get back to taking the haul videos again soon.

These are a culmination of a couple of weeks and I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a picture of everything.

So. This past weekend, the last weekend in May, I got all these big items. The mirror is nearly 4′ tall, so yeah. These are big items:

Large Items in Yard Sale Haul

The rustic crate will go to the booth. I’m undecided about the others. The mirror – which you can’t see very well, but it’s really old – and the brass tub were bought with the plan to sell, but now I’m thinking I might want to keep them. I have such an affinity for galvanized tin, I knew when I bought the two buckets that I might not be able to let them go. Total spent here? About $22.00.

Fence piece

We haven’t emptied the bed of the truck yet. The huge, 8′ fence piece will go to the booth but needs something to make it stand up without falling and hurting someone, so needs to go to the shop first. The wood furniture piece you can’t see in the front here is an upside down, long table with some fanciness going on. It’s missing its top and needs painting, so has to go to the shop. I hope to get some before pictures of it and hope the after is as stunning as it is in my mind! Total spent here? About $22.00. I’m saying “about” because some things were lumped together.

Update: Got the table out and took a before picture! Yay me! And, okay. It cost a whopping $5.00. But there will be hours of work into it before we sell (or keep?) it.

May vintage haul

I stuck the ruler in this picture so you could see the size of these things. The individual shots make them look smaller than they are. Total in this picture? About $18.00. Here are the individual pictures:

Yellow tole tray

Small, yellow tole tray. I’m undecided but it might live with me for awhile.

Italian pottery basket

Adorable, pink, Italian, pottery basket with birds, teacups and vase design. I can never resist buying mid-century Italian pottery. Or mid-century Italian anything, really. This will be for sale. Um… it is mid-century? Right? Or not?

Small pink floral ginger jar lamp

Small, pink, floral ginger jar lamp. I believe I’ll let this go, too.

Chalk kitten bank

Because Dani, the granddaughter that is here so much loves cats (Her goal in life at 6 years old is to be the crazy cat lady.) I’ll keep this chalk cat bank. It’s quite large and in unusually good condition!

Brass twist candlesticks

I bought these heavy, brass candlesticks with the intention to sell, but now think I might keep them. We’ll see. They’re not particularly old, I don’t think. Probably a decorator item, but I’m kinda diggin’ ’em! Heavy as all get-out so would work as a murder defense weapon. LOL

Marble Butter Keeper

Okay. So I’ve read that butter keepers sell well. But apparently it’s the pottery ones that sell best. I had to pay $4.00 for this and have no desire for it, so in the booth it goes. For not much more than $4.00.

Brass Bowl

I’ve been on a brass kick lately. Add this sweet, brass bowl. It will be for sale.

The birthday and Easter greeting picture didn’t photograph well. It’s all pastel-ly and glittery. From Ernest to Mother in 1909. I think the flowers and ribbon are probably screen printed, but may be watercolor. I don’t know about such things. I do wonder if Ernest did the artwork or if he had someone else do it or if you could buy the flowers and ribbon on paper and add your own caption? My daughter had considered buying this but didn’t make up her mind in time. I’ll probably give it to her. I’m keeping the candlestick. At least for now.

These were bought a couple of weeks ago. Old Valentines in the back and round cards in the front. All these will be for sale.

Framed paintings. These came from the same house as the yellow tole tray and the brass twist candlesticks. The paintings themselves are very small. Only about 4-by. They were clearly decorator items with the biggest tell being the information on the back about the floral one. It cost $200.00!!! Yeah. They’re nice and all, painted on wood, but generally, when something like that costs that much, it’s to the decorator trade.

I love the paintings but the frames were off-putting to me for some reason. Maybe they are too tasteful. So I took them out. Well, they kinda get lost like that, so I dunno. I do believe I’ll keep them but haven’t figured out what to do with them yet.

More brass. The flying seagulls seem to do ok online. More candlesticks, the little brass mouse (Florence of Vintage Southern Picks recently picked up a similar one), that stand – Is it a cup and spoon stand? – and an antique book. The book I’ll keep but everything else will be for sale.

These things are what Erin (my daughter) found this past weekend. Yep. She saw them first. I’m a little jealous about the metal planter thing and the valance. Can’t wait to see what she does with the valance! I’m sure it’ll be fabulous!

And that’s all folks! Have you found any goodies lately?

Until next time…………………..