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Wanna see the weekend’s loot?

It’s that time again. Time to show what I found on the hunt this past weekend. Nothing earth shattering. Again. But there are lots of pictures, so be prepared.

It all started on Thursday………

There was an invitation only sale in Opelika. Said there were 3 outbuildings. Now, outbuildings are my thing. I LOVE to plunder in the outbuilding junk. I was super excited. It’s quite a distance away, but I’d get to see my daughter Erin, even if it was brief during her lunch hour, and get to see my step sister-in-law and friend, Lynn, aka Swamp Girl. (I was an only child until in my ’40s when I gained two brothers and a sister-in-law, a niece and two nephews.) As a bonus, my husband was off that day and said he’d ride down there with me. So off we set on this little adventure.

Turned out to be a false alarm. The sale was there, but not as good as they made it sound. The outbuildings? Eh. Ricky grabbed some tools he thought he could resell and a few things for himself. Most things were a bit too expensive and very little had any age on it and a lot of it was “safe”. Uninteresting. If it was unusual at all, it was way overpriced. Still, I came home with these:



Had to pay five stinkin’ dollars for this basket just because I wanted the eggs.




Christmas angels. They weren’t exactly cheap either. Going in my collection.




These will go into my collection as well. The legs on the little guy on the left make me think of
Timmy on South Park. Tim-meeehhhh!




Stuff to play with. Lynn found the Jello molds for me. Erin had picked up the skeleton key and thought about buying it, but decided not to. The party favors are little plastic parasols. The sprinkler head isn’t to play with, but I didn’t want it to take up a picture of its own. The little aluminum funnel looks like Tom Terrific’s hat. And if you don’t remember or know who Tom Terrific was, keep it to yourself. OK?
That’ll just make me feel old.






Got two of these old filing boxes. Don’t know why I have a soft spot for these old cardboard boxes but I do. They’re the larger size that hold the big index cards. This one is filled with recipes. The other had gardening info in it.


And that brings us to Friday. There was an estate/moving sale locally and a few yard sales. The estate sale was held by family. We all know that can go either way. Good or bad. Expensive or cheap. It advertised tools. Ricky was still off and I tried to get him to go with me, but he said to call him if it looked like it was any good. He just doesn’t get it yet. So I went. Shopped around in the house, but by being 10 minutes early, I was about 30 minutes late. They had opened up as soon as they saw people hanging around. This happens a lot when the family is having the sale. A lot of the stuff was already snapped up. Locally, if you’re not first, you’re pretty much out of luck. I poked around in the 4 rooms open in the house and gathered up these things:



Calling All Cooks cookbooks.




Buttons, of course. Nah, I’m not sharing these.




Beautiful Girlhood, French Without Toil and Dream Life.

The French book has some funny graphics inside:



I have no idea what that says.
Don’t think I’m ready to let these go, either.



An old vaporizer, an interesting bowl/planter and a…. tin type?? Can you see the ghost of the man in the tin? It is so shiny, I thought it was a mirror. If the picture is angled just right he shows up quite well, but in natural, standing position, not at all.




I did all this shopping and realized I hadn’t seen any tools, so I asked. Oh, they’re in the garage, but it’s closed. There are only the 3 of us to handle this thing and we weren’t going to open it until tomorrow. But one of them agreed to take me and a few men out there. Nothing was priced. They had a sheet with some of the prices on it. The men were getting things and I called Ricky. He’d be there “in a little while”. Noooo. You don’t understand! You need to come NOW! But he had this and that to do then he’d be there. Well, guess what? They decided they couldn’t handle having the garage open and closed it up. Said a brother or husband or somebody would be there the next day. My husband would be working the next day. I got a little snippy with them (Was already annoyed at the way the sale was being handled and the fact that old, beat up and used up shovels and things were $5 because “have you priced them new lately?”) But as soon as I snipped I felt awful and immediately apologized. They were doing the best they could. None of them were familiar with how a sale should be run. I did come out of the garage with this and some steel wool.





I believe maybe that brings us to Saturday. I think I ran out of money after that sale.



Rooster painting and garden fork. Someone asked about the rooster stuff I bought a couple of weeks ago and I never got back with her. I apologize and need to do that today.




The label on this just said “antique picnic”. Guess that’s kinda like mumbling out the last part of a word or name you can’t pronounce. A picnic what? I don’t know either, but it had this inside, presumably to keep your…… heck… what would you keep in this long tin thing?






Of course the clock face isn’t old and neither is the bunny candy container. The egg shaped creamer and sugar are Lefton, if I remember right. Don’t know what the pewter thing is.




More stuff to pay with. The blue on the left is a roll of netting. I’m thinking it might be too much of a baby boy blue and I’m wondering if tea dying or something would make it more palatable. Got bottles and a bag of jewelry pieces and this jewelry box top. I think it will make a nice frame or something else I thought of that I’ve forgotten now.




This brings us to the final item. A Danish Modern end table. Why? I love the style, but don’t use it. Nobody that I know of locally is into MCM. But it was inexpensive and I’m a sucker for the style.




And that covers it. Hope you enjoyed seeing the goods. Or bads. Whether you were amazed or appalled, hope you had fun.

Remember the deadline for entering the April give-away is April 15. I’m still trying to think of something else to add to the prize.




9 thoughts on “Wanna see the weekend’s loot?

  1. WOW! I want to go “looting” with you. What great treasure. Sea Witch

  2. Wanda, the “antique picnic” thing looks like a leather camera case my Dad had eons ago. You didn’t mention the size.

  3. Oh, that green glass bunny candy container would be PERFECT for my friend who collects green glass! Can you send me info and price plus shipping to Kentucky? Thank you!!!!!!

  4. We went back on 1/2 off day to see if anything was more in our price range- not so much- but we did have quite the adventure! Let’s just say the POLICE were called on my Hubby who parked on the side of the road- in the RIGHTAWAY- just like we did Friday! All came out well when the old Biddy had her say…. Tommy never told the young officer who he was, but he called the supervisor to compliment him for handling the situation in a professional manner. I would have cried if it had happened when I was driving!

  5. You always score some great deals my friend! Don’tcha just hate when you drive long distance and the stuff is overpriced and misleading?! Grrrrrr! That said I’d have forked my 5 bucks for those eggs in a red hot minute.
    And your small photo may be a daguerreotype (worth much more than a tintype) They tend to be hard to see at some angles and easier at others. Try a magnet and see if it sticks. If so it’s a tintype and if not a daguerreotype. I have my fingers crossed for ya! Vanna

  6. I’m glad I didn’t know about the sale in Opelika because you would have had some help straightening up that estate sale family!!!

    You found some great things over the weekend even if they did run you out of the garage!!! And, I am delighted that you came to my first Treasure Hunt Thursday.
    Hope to see you back next week with another 3 days worth of treasures!

  7. Good sale or bad you always find some treasures. I was thinking your picnic or camera bag may have been for binoculars. The long box inside could have ben for an additional scope of some sort.
    When I was at GW I saw a baggie of jewelry parts similar to yours but they wanted $8 for it. I passed.
    Your fan looks in remarkable shape!

    Some sales are just too poorly run to deal with the hassle. Have you seen the tv show Big Brian Fortune Seller? Talk about someone who should not be dealing with the public!

  8. I love the name of your blog. Your analysis of sales is spot on. I also like MCM somehow but do not use it in my home. My favorite of all your loot is the rooster painting and green fork. ?olive

  9. Some great finds! I have a soft spot for French items, it wouldn’t matter what that book says! 🙂

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