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Christmas Home Tour At the New House 2019

Here’s our Christmas home tour for 2019. Don’t know what to do with all your Christmas collections? Or maybe you think you have too much and need to feel better about yourself that you don’t have as much as what you’re about to see. Or maybe your collection puts mine to shame! Or maybe you just enjoy looking at how other people decorate for Christmas. Or you’re looking for something else to collect. Or… or…. whatever! Here’s our home at Christmas of 2019. I’ve focused only on the Christmas decorations because, well, the regular decor leaves a lot to be desired yet.

When you have this much, and yes, it is an addiction, and not even half of the collection is in the following pictures, you don’t just add a wreath here, a stocking there, some pine over there. It totally and completely takes over everything. It’s a lot of work, but oh so fun once it’s done. Then clean up time comes. Yuck.

Let’s start with the dining room. This is where all the glitz and glamor went.

Beaded floral picks, foil garland, ball arrangements, mercury glass candles…

I don’t seem to have got a picture of the tree toppers. And that light spot on the buffet top? I left a miniature pumpkin sitting too long one year. It looked fine on top, but the bottom…um… leaked. Let that be a warning to you. Watch those pumpkins!

Now, let’s see some Santas on the hearth:

And Santas on the wall. Above vintage Christmas boxes:


Let’s finish with the shelves in the casual eating area. A camel collection, foil star tree toppers and the Merry Christmas banner I grew up with.

No, that’s not all, but all I have time to share this year. Hope you have a most excellent Christmas and remember “The Reason For the Season!”

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Using Vintage Halloween Decorations In Your Decor

Vintage Halloween Decorations

So you have some vintage Halloween decorations and wondering what to do with them? In this post I share what I did this year. In previous years I’ve simply arranged everything on the mantle. This year, in the new house, the mantle wasn’t a good place for all that, so I spread the items around. On one hand, they have more of a punch amassed, but there’s something to be said about working them in with your regular decor.

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Some Fall Decorating Around the House

Bust with simple, fall, berry garland draped around her shoulders.

Even though I don’t have all my furniture and stuff here yet, I have done a bit of fall decorating around the house. Not a lot and there certainly won’t be a fall “home tour.” But I thought I’d share the few things I have done.

First, the fireplace. Just a floral arrangement of little pumpkin-looking things on stems and fall silk, spray, flower things. I have no idea what to call either of these. They were bought at Michael’s.

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