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And what did I buy at the first sale I’ve hit this year?

Painted Mason Jar

I’m still working through my dad’s stuff and my own accumulation of things and simply don’t need to go to any sales for awhile. Didn’t go to many last year. At all. And I’ll just say right up front, life almost isn’t worth living if you can’t get your junk fix! Shopping in my own storage units doesn’t do it for me. So hang it all! I’m going this year in spite of the boxes I still need to work through! Besides, the stash is actually dwindling to yard sale items.

So when a church sale was heavily advertised on Facebook, I made up my mind to be there when the doors opened. Yes, the gym was full of stuff. But I was disappointed. There was nothing there for me. Boo, hiss. This is all I bought:


A Classico pasta sauce jar and a little white bottle. I don’t remember what the white bottle was used for and have no idea what I’ll do with it, but the Classico mason jar was for another of these:

Painted Mason Jar

That painted mason jar was fun to do. This one is at the Pickle Patch in Sylacauga. If people will buy them, I’ll do a bunch, but if nobody wants them, I’ll chalk it up to another failed experiment in trying to sell things I’ve made.

On another note, we took this bookcase beauty to Angel’s in Opelika yesterday.

Bookcase using General Finish Milk Paint mix of Emerald, Patina and White

The shelves are painted with a custom mix of General Finish’s Milk Paint, Emerald, Patina and Snow White. Wish I could share the exact mixture, but Ricky mixed it up and didn’t make note of how much of what he used. We’ll probably never have the exact match again ourselves. I was annoyed that he didn’t make note of it all, then today, I was making my own combination of colors, thinking I was saying “equal parts this” and “twice that”, but when I was actually pouring up enough to paint with, the formula in my head wasn’t right. Not as easy to do as you’d think without carefully measuring and writing it all down!

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