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French Script Stamped Candles

French Script Stamped Candles

Do you know about 5 Dollar French Market on Etsy? I love everything they have! And it’s all $5 each. Obviously. So I thought I’d be a copycat and make some stamped candles like these for the booth. I wouldn’t even think about putting them on Etsy. That’s their gig. They have a corner on that niche and do it extremely well. I’ll be a cheerleader for her. But I saw no harm in making some to sell locally.

(One of my poor attempts.)

So I bought the $10 stamp and the ink. I forget how much the ink is. $6 or so? Then went all over town hunting the cheapest candles. The only place I could find them here was at Wal-Mart. 88¢ each. With all the supplies gathered, I had to figure out how to do it. I researched stamping candles on Google. Found all this annoying stuff about first stamping onto tissue paper then transferring with a heat gun, but it seemed awfully dangerous to have tissue paper melted into a skinny candle. Back to the research and guess what? We can stamp directly on the candle! StazOn ink ain’t goin’ nowhere. (I know this for a fact. I tried to rub it off. It lives up to its name.)

OK. I now know I can stamp directly on the candle, so I experiment with some old candles to figure out the best method. I measured the candle and taped off the part of the stamp that I didn’t want ink on. Tried rolling the candle on the stamp, but they kept going crooked. Finally figured out it worked best for me to roll the stamp on the candle. Best being a laughable word. I’m here to say it is not as easy as it looks! I ended up with six candles in my own candlesticks. Managed to turn them so that the worst parts don’t show. And several that even I won’t use. I did get two sets to the booth, but so far there seems to have been no interest.

(One of the sconces with some of the cast off candles.)

So let me learn the hard way and you learn from me. If you only need a few candles for yourself, order them from 5 Dollar French Market. Save yourself some trouble. And cash. But I’m glad to have the stamp. There will be other uses for it and I’ll keep trying to stamp candles. I have some more sconces in the same room that will need them.



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5 thoughts on “French Script Stamped Candles

  1. I LOVE 5 Dollar French Market! I have purchase several of the candles and some other stuff. Great store.


  2. I meant to say “purchased”. Too quick to hit “enter” I guess! LOL!

  3. Thanks for visiting, great to hear from you!
    I knew alot of you would relate, but I also know alot wont own up to it!Haha,it is embarassing to admit and show how disorganised I am, but by putting it out there, I hope it gives me incentive to clean up!
    Loving your shop, looks great!

  4. Ohmigosh! Too funny! Not only do we share the same name, but reading how you tried to make those candles – I did the same thing!! I love that Etsy shop! (mine kind of came out the same as yours :-))
    not only that – I read some of your other posts and I have a chandelier in a birdcage stand in my booth too! LOL!

    Wanda in NH

  5. That really dresses up a candle-love the idea! Thanks for sharing!

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