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25 Days of Christmas – Day 2

Vintage Santa Pins



Ain’t much, but it’s sumthin.

These are actually pins. I’ve got them stuck to the wall with Glue Dots. Got up this morning and had had one fatality. The one on the right had crashed to the ground, but he got right back up there. Not sure if this is going to work long term or not. Those sheep pictures are over my sheep collection. The oval picture is from Sue at Vintage Rescue Squad and I’m loving it! A full picture of the sheep collection and prints is for another day. Another day after Christmas.

So far, I know Connie at Magnolia Street Style is posting Christmas pics and Iris at 365 Days In Guntersville (Alabama) is showing Christmas scenes. How about you? Come on, now! Snap to!

4 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas – Day 2

  1. I started the day after Thanksgiving! I don’t really have a theme -just wanted to try posting every day for 30 days! I thought it would inspire me to get decorating! Stop by if you come down here during December -especially Porch Tour week!

  2. BAA! Thanks for the shoutout. I found a tiny sheep box that I’m sending to you for an early Christmas prezzie!


  3. Those pins are adorable! I’ve posted a couple Christmas pictures. We’ll see how long I can keep up!

  4. I love the Santas.

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