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Well that was weird!

It was an interesting weekend. I did make time for an antique dealer’s estate sale on Friday and an auction Saturday. Found some pretty interesting things. But first……….

Erin was here and went with Lena and me to the estate sale on Friday. We went in Lena’s Yukon. The sale, which was over an hour’s drive from here, was appropriately billed as a “man’s sale”. Lots of primitive type things, boxes full of our favorite kind of junk and all was nasty, nasty, grody, grungy, nasty, dirty, icky, did I say NASTY? But how fun!! I spotted an enamel top table I needed to replace a card table in the kitchen area at the shop, but asked Lena’s permission first. Was there enough room to put it in the Yukon? Sure! Go ahead!

We all three loaded up on smalls then Lena spotted a wonderful, primitive desk she wanted for herself. Uh, oh. How can we get all our junk, my table and that desk in the Yukon? Two young boys were there eager to help. Actually, I think they were eager to get to hang around Erin for a little while. They were scratching their heads on how to get everything in the vehicle. Doing the Star Trek Scotty thing. Captain, it can’t be done! It’s impossible! Then when he pulls it off, he looks like a hero. They worked and worked, but the only way it was happening was if all the seats were let down, leaving two seats for the three of us. Naturally, I didn’t have the camera with me. It was a sight to behold. Erin and I shared the passenger seat. Thank goodness she’s little. My behind, even sitting at an angle with half of it on the door took up most of the seat. The chubby boy thought it was pretty hot, though. Of course, I’d accidentally flashed a little boobage earlier which might have made things a little more appealing. No, it wasn’t that bad. I’d just leaned over a bit too far trying to make room for boxes. If they didn’t get a good view, they weren’t looking.

Even still, that wasn’t the weird happening of the day. Lena dropped us off at my house and we met her at the shop so I could unload my stuff. We were ahead of her by several minutes. When we pulled up, an elderly man was standing there looking at us and smiling. I got out, said hello and he said, “Well, I haven’t seen you in years!” “How are you?” He’s holding his arms out for a hug and I walked right into it. Gave him a hug, looked at him and told him I didn’t recognize him. He asked me where I went to church. “First Baptist, but I used to go to Oak Grove and Oldfield.” He said, “Odena?” “That’s where I know you from.” Me: “Oldfield, not Odena.” Him: “Yeah, I went there, too.” “I still sing in the choir.” I’m racking my brain and coming up blank, so I asked him his name. He told me and I was still drawing a blank. Then he dropped the bomb. He said, “I’m walking to Jack’s in this heat.” (Jack’s is an Alabama fast food place and a couple of blocks from the shop.) Then he looked at Erin and asked her if she’d drive him there. She looked at me like “Help!” And like, “Why did you talk to him?!” I just told him we were expecting someone to help us unload some furniture and I needed her help. He walked on. Poor Erin. She’s thinking he might have been looking for someone to chop up. I think he’s just got some dementia going on. He was dressed nicely and smelled like he takes regular baths, so he’s not too far gone, yet. Breaks my heart. He’s probably somebody’s grandpa.

So now here are some of the things bought:

Metal drapery swing arms and as usual for me, I didn’t get all the end pieces. There is another end piece that’s not in the picture. That makes it worse. Three have an end piece and one doesn’t.
Furniture pediment things.
I was excited about finding these.
That scalloped plate is, I was told, a dentist’s tray, but shhhhh. We’re going to pretend it’s a milk glass cake or sandwich plate. I loved the look of the yellow stool.
More things I was excited to get.
And my favorite, aluminum letters.
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