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25 Days of Christmas Pictures

Vintage White Flocked Christmas Wreath



The wreath pictured above got to be the first thing I put out this year. And except for four Santas is the only thing so far. It’s a vintage, flocked wreath with 4 simple balls. I’ve used it just as it is, going bald, ugly ribbon bow and everything. It leaves a trail of white flocking everywhere it goes. A vintage, but a bit messed up, Sarah Coventry pin holds it on the curtain rod. The color in the picture isn’t good, but it’s harrrd for me to point at a window and get a decent picture.



3 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas Pictures

  1. Hi Wanda, I’m joining the party. I’ve posted 2 days in row. I’m on a roll. Only 23 more posts to go. I think I have enough “stuff” to fill 23 more posts.


  2. Wanda, I’ve added you to my 25 days of Christmas (on my 365 blog). I’m trying to fix it so you can post comments – I DO like comments. And, I love your wreath.

  3. Wanda, I wanted to tell you friend Connie how much I enjoyed her blog. Lots of things there that I grew up with. But couldn’t find any way to comment or send a message. Would you pass it along to her? Thanks!

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