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How perfect is this?

Betsy Johnson crocheted throw

Lucky me! I’ll not be making much money off the sales this weekend, but look what I found — for me!



Using a Betsy Johnson shawl as a throw for a chair.


It’s a Betsy Johnson something. Wrap? Shawl? Throw? I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, but it’s a throw over my chair now. It still has it’s $110 tag on it and I got it and a bunch of other stuff for $10.00! It couldn’t be more perfect for that chair.

I found these the day before. I was pretty excited about them, too. And I’m keepin’ ’em.

Vintage Pumpkin Head Knee Huggers



I’ve never seen pumpkin head knee huggers before. But they’re going into my Halloween collection. They and the their witch friends.

Also, with them came this little Valentine girl – who will go into my Valentine collection.

Vintage Chenille Valentine Girl

I’ll try to share the few other things I bought tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next….


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8 thoughts on “How perfect is this?

  1. Gorgeous throw!

  2. I love the throw! The witches are cute too.

  3. First of all- WOW- love the chair!!

    And I’ve never seen the pumpkin knee huggers either, how cool!

  4. Wow Wanda you really did luck out, Girl! I love that throw and you’re right…it was made for that chair! All your finds were wonderful! As for me, I’m in Chesterfield County bordered by Kershaw and Lancaster on the West and Darlington on the North…there are tons of Hortons in our county, to which I am related to most if not all The Reeves’ are still pretty abundant in Lancaster County and Lee County…shoot, sister, we may be kin! Huggin’ Cousins at the very least!
    So hugs

  5. Opps, Darlington on the South lol…need another cup of coffee!!!
    hugs again

  6. Fabulous finds!

  7. Wanda, I am so sad to hear about Lena. We did lose touch when she and Tim left Atlanta, but had enjoyed knowing her at our church. I remember when her husband went back to school to work on his degree. That was a difficult time, but they did it! Lena went to high school with my husband – she was a junior when he came as a senior (new student!). She was so cute – she said all the girls thought my husband was the “cat’s meow”. Anyway, I pray that the Lord will be very gracious to her and her sweet family. I will enjoy following your blog. Linda

  8. Hey, Wanda! It’s been awhile, I hope you are doing well. I just can’t keep up with everyone anymore. I did see that your friend Lena has health issues & I’m so sorry. I hope that things turn around for her.

    And yes, that was the sale I was talking about. It was WAY high & those 2 things are the only things I bought. I don’t think they would do very well with those prices. They just can’t expect to get antique dealer prices at yardsales.

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