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Some Fall Decorating Around the House

Bust with simple, fall, berry garland draped around her shoulders.

Even though I don’t have all my furniture and stuff here yet, I have done a bit of fall decorating around the house. Not a lot and there certainly won’t be a fall “home tour.” But I thought I’d share the few things I have done.

First, the fireplace. Just a floral arrangement of little pumpkin-looking things on stems and fall silk, spray, flower things. I have no idea what to call either of these. They were bought at Michael’s.

Fall arrangement in the fireplace

Just so you know, I am no flower arranger. Not a talent of mine. At all. I basically drop them in the container and hope for the best. I’ll tweak a little but arrange? Nope. Not happening. The harder I try, the worse it gets.

And back up for a more complete, albeit crooked, view. Photography is not one of my talents, either.

Fall arrangement on hearth in a tall, vintage, wooden, vase.

The vase is a large, wooden vase-like thing I bought at an estate sale many years ago. I remember having to pay $20 for it on half price day. It was a tough decision but I really liked it. I’ve considered selling it, but for some reason, I’m still drawn to it and it stays. I think when my daughter inherits it, it will be one of the first things sold. LOL

Lessee….. next up, the bust with the garland around her shoulders:

Bust with simple, fall, berry garland draped around her shoulders.

You know how those garlands are stiff and curled into a circle when you buy them? And how hard they are to straighten out? Well, I didn’t. Straighten it out, I mean. I just plopped it on her as is. Tried, semi-successfully, to hide the loop end behind her head. Still, I kinda like it.

Next? A stack of white ironstone butter pats under a cloche. Again, I used a fall, berry garland around the base.


White ironstone butter pats under a cloche with fall berry garland around the base.

Here we have some dried flowers. I don’t know what they are or where I got them, but they’ve been around for several years. I put them in a gutter guard that I had curled the legs down.

Dried, fall flowers in an altered gutter guard.

Next, some squirrels:

Squirrels in fall decor

There are a few more on top of the books to the right.

And finally, some yellow, fuzzy ball things I bought at Hobby Lobby. What are these supposed to be?? The moment I saw them in the store – and you know how that stuff is displayed, a hundred bunches all together making you want ’em – I knew they were meant to go in the green, ice cream bucket. I was right. I just dropped 4 bunches in (could’a used more for the best look but that gets expensive) and tried to even them out. 

Fall yellow ball bunches from Hobby Lobby

Fall arrangement using a yellow train step, taller stool, green, ice cream bucket, pumpkins, silver and yellow stems.

The yellow stool is a train step stool used to help people step up to the train. I had thought about selling it years ago, but when I learned what it was, it became mine. Mine, all mine, I tell you! But even if it were just a yellow stool, I’m glad I kept it. I really like it. 

There are a couple more things I forgot to get pictures of. It’s time to get Halloween decorations out, so maybe they’ll be included with that.

Pins are always welcomed!

Simple fall decor anyone can do


4 thoughts on “Some Fall Decorating Around the House

  1. Very fun, Wanda! I love the squirrels and the dried flowers with the vintage photos especially! I find I don’t decorate inside anymore, not since the boys were little, but I do always do the porch. Guess I want others to think I have my act together?? lol It was a nice surprise seeing a new post. Hope all is well! And I admit, that infrequent posts make me stop by more than the people who post all the time so ?? xoxo

    1. Thanks Terri. I’m just the opposite. I stuck an old, worn out, fall wreath on the front door and called it done outside. LOL Don’t know if we’ll do anything for Halloween outside, but I’m fairly certain Christmas will be a Griswold’s house Christmas. ūüėÄ

  2. I really like your mantel display ‚Äď that vase is wonderful!

    1. Thank you Martha. I don’t know why my daughter doesn’t like the vase. We usually have very similar taste. Hope all is well with you. I’m trying to stay off the internet as much as possible and don’t keep up with the Etsy team very often. I do miss everyone, though.

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