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Sherbert Cups, Epson Salt and Candles for Christmas Decorating

What can you do when you have some Dollar Tree candles, 3 glass sherbert cups and some Epson Salt? Why, make this centerpiece, of course!

Sherbert Candle Poinsettia Centerpiece

I didn’t do any decorating again this year. Boo, hiss. You can read about it here: Why I May Not Go To Yard or Estate Sales For A Long, Long Time. Prepare to be both appalled and amazed. We’ve cleaned up 90% of that mess, but are still trying to climb out of that mountain of junk wonderful, unique items.

So anyway. I had three glass sherbert cups that I was wondering what to do with. They don’t sell well and I was debating on putting them in a yard sale box or try them in a booth for a bit. Then I thought of this.



Oh. You can’t see the cups? How ’bout now?

Christmas Centerpiece

The candles and the Epson Salt came from the Dollar Tree. The poinsettia ring is actually a garland of sorts that wants to stay curled up in a circle. It was in a box sitting by the door of our house that I got out from who knows where? It all came together nicely.


I rolled the candles around in the salt first just to get a little bit of “ice” sticking to them. Not much will stick, mind you, but just enough to give them character. Put the candles in the cups then pour the salt around them. Is that quick and easy enough for ya?

Christmas Centerpiece

There’s something about that room that messes with the camera making the colors all wrong. The true color of the poinsettias are the picture above.

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Christmas however you choose to spend it. We’ll have a small gathering at my daughter’s. Quiet, but oh, so fun watching little Dani discovering the magic of Christmas.


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