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Trash To Treasure Chest and Hutch – Painted Furniture

Painted Hutch

These two pieces were done several weeks ago, but I’m just now getting around to sharing. Remember, I did nothing. I play a very small role in painting and redoing furniture. Miss Mustard Seed, I’m not. No, my hubby has the talent for furniture transformation.

First the little yellow chest. Before:

He didn’t quite understand why I said to get this little chest with the missing drawer. But in the end, he understood. And I guess I lied. I did have a little to do with the transformation of this chest. I did make the baskets. As if you couldn’t tell be looking at the bows. One’s perky, the other droopy. LOL And OMG! I’ve only just now noticed that the fabric is going in different directions!! I didn’t even realize it could! Groan. So what’s going to hurt the sale most? The droopy bow or the fabric pattern? As many times as I’ve looked at it, you’d think….

Next is this china cabinet/hutch. I believe it originally had doors at the top. It was in pretty sad shape when we got it. It hung around under the carport for a long, long time before getting it’s makeover.

Both these pieces are at Longleaf Antique Mall in Alexander City, Alabama. Or were last weekend.

Can’t wait to get pics of the stuff we found today! But the way it’s pushed up under the carport, you wouldn’t be able to make “hide ner hair” of it.

2 thoughts on “Trash To Treasure Chest and Hutch – Painted Furniture

  1. Those are both wonderful transformations girlfriend! I just bought a snasty ole buffet today that I’m going to paint…Wish me luck….I might need to ask ya some questions *winks* Vanna

  2. both look great and I doubt they will last long. I have a bunch of stuff that needs doin’ sigh. Do you lend out the Mr. ?

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