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G’bye big booth. It was nice knowin’ ya – Vintage booth staging

My old booth at the Pickle Patch

So where have I been the past couple of weeks? Oh, here and there, but busy, busy, busy. And the biggest job that kept me busy was downsizing my booth at the Pickle Patch. Remember when I first moved in? I picked out the largest booth, actually a room, in the building. It was great. Very well lit and… well, just great.

That picture is my very first arrangement and shows just the left side of the booth. Not quite half.  Plus, there was a wall behind on each side. (I couldn’t find a picture showing the whole booth.) Soooo much room! I did so love it, but frankly, it was hard to keep full, hard to find the time to rearrange and hard to make much money over the rent. I had said that when the right opportunity arose, I’d like to move to a “normal size” booth. That opportunity came last week. Someone came in and wanted a large booth. I was called – “Are you serious about wanting a smaller booth?” I took a deep, shuddering breath and said I was. The wheels were immediately in motion.

It took me two days to clear out the big booth and move as much as I could in the smaller booth and another half day to haul off the 2 truck loads and 1 car load that wouldn’t fit! The new booth is about 1/4 the size of the old one. This is how my vintage booth staging looks at the moment (Apologies for the crummy pictures. They were taken with my phone. Could be worse, I suppose.):

It’s not how I’d like it to be, but pretty good for being bone tired, mind befuddled and in a hurry. The plan was to pack it with furniture, which I did. Sorta. So, of course now, I worry that I don’t have enough smalls in there. Sure wish I knew the right formula. AND what would sell well in my area. I find my taste is a bit eccentric/odd/funky in general for the folks around here. So I try to tone it down. It also looks like I need to get into more new items. One thing about this business, it’s a constant learning process.


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3 thoughts on “G’bye big booth. It was nice knowin’ ya – Vintage booth staging

  1. Downsizing must be in the air. I am closing on of my three booths. Not my idea, but the mall I’m in has restructured their business model so I am closing one of my three. Gathering up all the goods can be cumbersome and it’s always hard trying to get it all into a smaller booth. Still, having a booth is always a joy and you will do well. Your items are terrific.

  2. Looking good and I’m sure you will figure it out. I keep wanting MORE room LOL. My style is very different from what people here want/like but somehow I manage. I do a mix of old, new and created items. Sigh, if we knew exactly what would work we’d be rich. (())

  3. Your booth looks great. I love all the painted furniture. Our booth has not been doing too well, and I’m sure it’s because we have dark wood furniture for sale. Some of it is from husband’s family, and he’s willing to sell it, but not paint it! lol

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