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A sweet, sweet gift

Vintage child with birds print

I had a birthday recently. It’s fine with me to totally ignore my birthdays. I don’t like the numbers, but at the same time I sure am glad to have all those numbers! And hope to have nearly that many more. But the junkin’ gal pals always have a girls’ night out when one of us has a birthday.

One of my presents was this wonderful, old print:

Guess I should’a moved the plant before taking the picture, huh? Melanie and Tiffany went in together and got it for me. Aren’t they the BBFFE? (Best best friends forever ever) Either of them could have used it in their homes and I think they each would have loved to have it, but since they were together when they found it, they decided to pass it on to me. That was so sweet! They knew too, that she needed to be with my other little girls with birds.

I got some other fun things too, and will show them later.

So where are my Christmas decor pictures? Um, there aren’t any. Before Thanksgiving, I was gung ho. Couldn’t wait to get Christmas stuff out and actually would have started before Thanksgiving if I’d had the time. After T-Day? The enthusiasm left. Vamooshed. And hasn’t reappeared. I’d wanted to try to make some of the things I pinned on Pinterest. After the first little attempt, that desire left, too. I’d even planned on joining in some of the Christmas blog parties. Sigh. Too much trouble. We’re not hosting anything this year unless it’s something spur of the moment and nobody’s going to see it anyway. Oh, I’ve got a couple of things out, and I will try to get some pics before Christmas. I might even see if I can make a few things I pinned. (Should “pinned” be capitalized?) But as far as dragging out the whole shebang, not gonna happen. Am I just getting old and cranky? Lawd, I hope not! This is the last year we’ll be able to get away with it, though. Next year with babies around, we’ll have to pull out all the stops.

5 thoughts on “A sweet, sweet gift

  1. I’ve read other bloggers who are less than enthusiastic this Christmas. I am just starting to decorate today (Dec. 13). Frankly, I don’t like my decorations out too early. If I have to dust them once I’ve put them on display, it loses a lot of charm!

  2. Oh how I love this group of prints. Lovely gold frames with adorable prints of children being children. Don’t you just love her tassled curls, popped collar, sweet little dress and her comfortable pose as she plays with the sweet little chicks. What a great gift you received.

  3. Oh yes, she HAD to go to you and what sweet friends you have to see you received it !
    It’s been busy around here and I haven’t decorated much either.
    Probably won’t be posting much until after the first so want to wish you a blessed Christmas (())

  4. I have the picture of the lol girl with the little chicks. It was in a old house. I took a pic of it and hit search and ended up here. Can you tell me anything about her? What a beautiful painting. Thank you. Mary Graham

    1. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about her either. Just that it’s awfully pretty.

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