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More painted furniture pieces

Yellow Painted Chest

This is just a quick post to show a few more painted pieces my talented husband has done. I’m not the painter in the family. As a matter of fact, I’ve realized I’m not good at much of anything! And I’m trying not to let that get me down.

Don’cha hate it when you take a picture and notice later something was off kilter? The drawers weren’t in correctly. This chest is at Longleaf Antique Mall in Alexander City, Alabama. We chose a soft yellow and brown for the knobs.

Yellow Painted Chest

The buffets in the previous posts have already sold. The green one and the turquoise.

Here are a few little things that are at the Pickle Patch in Sylacauga, Alabama. I don’t think I’ve shown this little chest. It’s painted in a dusty blue.

Dusty Blue Painted Chest

This little, yellow bookcase is not an old piece, but was a little tired looking. It perked right up with new paint.

Small Yellow Bookcase

And another little bookcase painted in blue.

Small Blue Bookcase

Right now, we’ve just been focused on getting some things done and out there. Hopefully, one day soon, we’ll have time to get a little creative. I think I’ve mentioned before, he just wants to paint something. Doesn’t want to do any antiquing or special effects. That’ll be my job, so we’ll see. So far, my job has been choosing (or okaying) colors and picking out knobs.

It takes me so long to do anything, too. I’ve been working 2 weeks on painting a little box. Good grief! It’s painted now, but I want to put a transfer on it. Tried a new to me method and didn’t like it. Had to paint over it. Maybe today I’ll finish it.


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  1. It wasn’t too long ago that everyone was stripping old finish off furniture, staining it, and coating it with polyurethane. I really like painted furniture much better, not just because it’s easier, but because I love color. You did a great job on your painted projects!

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