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An ugly duckling chest turned into a swan – Painted furniture

Painted furniture – Gross to pretty

Ricky’s had no rest since he “retired”. He’s repaired and painted 5 pieces of furniture already. You saw the turquoise sideboard. The latest was a little, three drawer chest. And, can you believe it? I remembered to take some before pictures! Forgot to take the after pictures until we had it in the booth and I didn’t have the good camera.




Notice the dangling knobs and the splits on the grody side bottom. The piece was sanded, the grody sanded off and the splits repaired. The chest was painted pure white and some pink, chippy handles from Hobby Lobby were added.

White Chest with Pink Knobs

White Chest with Pink Knobs

This sweet, little thing is at Longleaf Antique Mall in Alex City, Alabama.




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2 thoughts on “An ugly duckling chest turned into a swan – Painted furniture

  1. Retirement is not retirement. The chest turned out great.

  2. I didn’t know you had a booth at Longleaf! That cute chest won’t be there long!

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