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Fall Arrangement For the Booth – All Decked Out!

The booth has a totally, completely different and fresh look, both the fall arrangement as well as in general. During the shut-down, when the mall was closed and there was no pressure to think about it – why things weren’t selling, why I wasn’t happy with the look, etc. – I had an epiphany. It suddenly felt like I should take out all that stuff that had worn out its welcome a long time ago, take out most of the color and do whites, neutrals and the farmhouse look as best I understand it. So I did. In July.

And July turned out to be a very good month for sales. I was convinced that was the correct thing to do. The booth would finally be a hit. Or at least more pleasing to see and perhaps draw more people in. Also, it complements some of the other booths around it, as in, the people who like those should enjoy mine. A lot of things sold, which left August a bit sparse. And sales tanked. I still think things are on the right track. I just need to get more of the right stuff in there. (But isn’t that always the case?) Anyway, here is the booth decked out for fall. The china in the center back has already sold as well as some other, smaller things.

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Fall Decorating In the Booth

Fall table arrangement in the booth

I spent over 5 hours Saturday re-working and doing a little fall decorating in the booth. Yes, it desperately needed 5+ hours of work. I was embarrassed to say it was my booth. It was awful. But you see, I had kind of lost my heart for it. For it all, really. The estate sales in the area we’ve moved to are generally too expensive and the yard sales are mostly clothes and last years toys. It has taken all the fun out of it and hardly seems worth my time. I guess that has bled over to not wanting to do anything in the booth, too. But I figure I’ll get over it. And Saturday was a good start.

Leaf garland in a large, gray, metal, candle lantern

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This Month’s Antique Booth Arrangement

Antique booth arrangement for March 2018

We got a new booth! It’s in one of the most coveted spots in the mall. It has launched renters into their own shops, even. But let me tell you this. It’s not the magic bullet. It has to be worked and has to have what people want or it won’t do any better than anywhere else in the mall. It’s all about presentation and content. 

With the move into the new booth coinciding with the move into the new house, the booth hasn’t got the attention it needs. I did a quick 2-hour arrangement, then a few days ago took in some new smalls and poked around for about an hour. So, not the ideal situation for sales. I thought I’d show you what it looks like anyway. Continue reading This Month’s Antique Booth Arrangement