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New love and more stuff from the estate

OK. So how have I avoided it this long? Everybody else was doing it, shopping it, selling there, but I’d managed to all but ignore it. I’m talking about Etsy. Now that I’ve finally started listing – and selling – I’m hooked! I can’t stay off! Every spare minute I’m either adding something, looking at stuff, adding to my circle, hunting favorite shops and sellers, refreshing to see if anything sold or if anybody wants to talk or if anyone in my circle has found something cool, reading forums, looking at and joining teams…. It’s a whole city over there! And can you believe, it’s replacing Facebook for my I’m-bored-what-can-I-look-at time? I’m even considering just doing Etsy and not the web site at all. Hmmm… decisions. Oh, and the pictures! It’s a whole staging feast for the eyes. Makes me want to get better at staging my items. Now, I want to keep one of my barn doors and that great color chair (2 chairs, actually) and the beat up suitcase. But I’ve already got them in the booth. So I put a stupid high price on these things.

Here’s the Etsy shop if you want to take a look.
Just Vintage 2

Speaking of the booth, it’s coming right along. I’ve had some pangs of missing the convenience of having everything I need close at hand at the shop, but maybe I’ll get over it. Pictures will come, but not today.

I’m still going once or twice a week, as called, to drag things home from the estate. Apparently we’ve finished the inside of the house. Next will be the garage. These are the highlights of last week. Not much, but fun.

Pretty tray, but I can’t figure out which side is up. I think this is correct.


The doll in the red gingham was made over a Clorox bottle. There were several other dolls in this batch. Most of them are on Etsy already.


All this old wrapping paper! Do we know how much I love old wrapping paper? So this is staying at my house. Aw.. I might share some in one way or another. There was some funky dunky psychedelic paper that I’m making flowers and butterflies with. I’ll share them in the next post.


This is something else that will most likely stay with me if I can figure out a good place for it.


I might have to keep the Santa candy containers, too. There is a note attached that says the oldest brother got mad and started to tear his and his brother’s up. That’s just too precious. I’m kinda liking the elf too, but he is very different from the rest of my collection. We’ll have to see if I can part with him or not.


Oh, and this spaceship toy listed on eBay this week.


That’s it for today. I hate that I’ve been more absent than not lately. Getting the booth ready (open day is the 30th), life, a wicked summer cold…. Etsy…. So, how’s your summer going?

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Hi! I'm Wanda, the owner of Just Vintage and this is my blog where I talk about buying, selling, and decorating with all things vintage. I want to help you learn what to buy for resale and maybe give you inspiration in decorating, even if it's what NOT to do.

3 thoughts on “New love and more stuff from the estate

  1. Girlfriend I heard “bust” and I came running! Lol! That’s like dangling a carrot in front of a horse *winks* And what a sweet bust it is! And I also love that spaceship!! Oohhh that IS cool! Thank you so much for the shout out!
    I’m just about to open my own etsy Wanda. Are there any “ropes” I should know?*winks* Vanna

  2. Wanda are you tired of her yet? *winks*
    I added you to my circle over on etsy. My user name is jewlbear…just in case you were wondering who that strange person with no shop up was! *winks* Vanna

  3. Welcome to the Vestiesteam! What FABULOUS finds! You go girl.

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