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A new collection is born? Decorating with vintage darkroom timers

Vintage dark room timers

Vintage dark room timers


Can you guess? Begonia leaves, clocks or books? The majolica begonia leaves I’ve had for years and years and years. Both were cracked all to pieces and have ancient repairs. I’d love more of those, but haven’t found any I could afford. I think those cost me a dollar each and both have a story. But that’s not the new collection. And of course, I’ve been buying old books and using them in my decor for years. So it has to be clocks! But… these aren’t clocks. They’re vintage darkroom timers!

I’ve been interested in collecting clocks for a long time, but never found any that I particularly wanted to keep. No, I take that back. I have one, but it didn’t spark a “need” for more. These two came from the same estate. I thought they were clocks and only found out later they were darkroom timers. I love the black cases. They just do it for me. Somehow. Must be because of the slightly industrial look.


 Vintage dark room timers


 Vintage dark room timers

 The shape of this one isn’t so unusual, but I like the whole look. The hands, the face, the base, the do-hickey on top, the rust….


The little shelves have always been a bit of a problem to decorate, but one of those quaint things that you only get with older houses. Our house was built in the late ’50s, pre central air. Pre window air conditioners, for that matter – or before they became the common thing of every house in the south. This room had huge, 12′ sliding glass doors and no windows, but apparently when the owners started buying AC, they wanted one for this room. So what do you do? Why, cut a hole in the wall, of course! Years later when central heat and air was installed, what in the world was to be done with the hole? The room was paneled. Not exactly an easy fix like sheet rock would be. So the creative owner came up with the little shelf cubby. The biggest obstacle is the shallowness. Not a lot will fit on them. The last thing I had was my nativity sheep collection, but I’ve grown tired of them, not to mention the dusting nightmare.

The whole arrangement needs a little tweaking, but I believe I like the look it’s beginning to take on. It just might change the look of the whole room!


7 thoughts on “A new collection is born? Decorating with vintage darkroom timers

  1. Can you tell us what it says on the clock face of the first, unusual clock? It does look more like a timer with all the hash marks between numbers. Is there a purpose to the lever type knob on the left or is it purely decorative?
    Very interesting.

  2. I love old clocks too! I used to collect majolica, but ended up giving my sister the few pieces that I had. She has over 200 pieces!

    I think your shelves look wonderful.


  3. The first clock/meter is amazing, the look of it is so stylized it does effect the whole decor. Great finds.

  4. I would start a clock collection if I could find some like yours. How neat! Love the arched shape of the first one!!!

  5. Clocks are terribly interesting and will become more interesting as every single thing is digital now. These two are terrific.

  6. Girl now you’ll have me collecting old clocks because I sure love yours! *winks* You can’t go wrong with old clocks and books.
    I’ve been collecting antique clocks with cherubs on them for years. I use the term “collecting” loosely because I don’t have very many, but I’d sure like to! And LOVE the majolica plates! Broken or no they’re totally charming! Vanna

  7. Love the new look. The clocks are very neat and unusual. The majolica leaves are to be willed to me~LOL…so where are the sheep & dutch family going to live? Tiff

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