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Yesterday. I bought a bed. An antique iron and brass bed

Iron and brass bed

You might recall that my daughter took her twin bed home with her for her tiny guest bedroom. That basically left her old bedroom here a blank canvas. Fun! But it does call for decisions. The only thing I knew was that I thought I wanted the walls light gray and use mostly whites with mint green accents and silver accessories. Why that particular combination? First, I wanted a low color room. Our whole house is color, color, color. I love color, but would like one room to be light and pale. Why mint green? Because this wicker piece that came from my mother’s wanted to live in that room.

Mint green wicker


The picture colors aren’t quite true. I’d planned to use a bookcase in there with the back and shelves painted this same color. So far so good. You can see some of the inspiration rooms I’ve pinned on my “Spare bedroom ideas” board on Pinterest.

Then, at an auction a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love with a shabby, chippy, cream colored chest.

Shabby chest details

More pics of this later. It deserves a post of its own.

OK. This isn’t white. Hmmmm…

Then yesterday, a childhood friend’s mother called and said she was going to sell the iron and brass bed I’d admired and did I want to buy it? Yes, please.

It does have a foot board in the same pattern. Now, I originally planned to use either an upholstered headboard or no headboard, or a door or a mantle or something. But I do like this and it fits the room, so….. Now my white room will have gray, white, mint green, cream, brass and silver. Dangit! Best laid plans. I seem to be incapable of sticking to them.

Don’t expect to see any room pics any time soon. We don’t have a mattress, we’ll have to paint, and all kinds of things. I see at least a year in the making here. The 8 month in process craft room is still unfinished. It only lacks a few things, but they’re out of my control. Waiting on the hubby.

9 thoughts on “Yesterday. I bought a bed. An antique iron and brass bed

  1. I’ve been in my home for over two years and no room is completely done yet. Money is a big problem and just doing it. I love that bed and would do a room around it in a heartbeat!

  2. Oh, what fun! It’s going to be gorgeous! Sometimes we plan too much, and miss out on the collected look of great surprise finds, …. like your gorgeous new bed. Can’t wait to see it,
    (I understand, I’ve got projects YEARS into the making!)whenever you get it done.

  3. Let me echo comment number one in that we have had our little yellow house two years now and have been peeling wallpaper off the wall in a bedroom for a year-we are snails. The bed will be pretty in your room.

  4. I love your new (old) bed! it reminds me so much of the one I have in my guestroom. Love the old wicker piece too!…And the chippy chest *winks*. Ya know it takes what it takes. I think the best rooms evolve over time….So I’ll be hoping to see it later gator!*winks* Vanna

  5. You will love having a headboard and footboard. Creative headboards are always fab but nothing looks as cozy as an old fashioned bed. And it gives you one more place to hang you clothes! (Not that I’d ever do that, but it’s available)

  6. Looks like you’ve got a great start with some wonderful pieces!

  7. I love that bed! There’s something so warm about an iron bedsted! Glad you were able to get it…

  8. You’re off to a good start with that pretty bed! I know how you feel though, we have an office makeover that’s been in the works for months, with a pretty iron antique twin bed waiting for our attention too. I love your blog, it’s just lovely!

  9. OH, oops, the floor cloths you asked about…I live in California, and I’ve actually seen them at three different stores, but it’s been a good month or so. I found them in with the kitchen towels, and they label said “floor cloths”. It was just the regular “dollar store”.

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