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The Turkey Mantle

Thanksgiving Mantle of Vintage Turkeys


(Click the picture for a larger view)

Kinda the same as last year. But at least I got it out! I didn’t do 4th of July or Halloween this year. Not because I didn’t want to. There just hasn’t been time.

Not many words today. Since I haven’t had many pictures lately, I thought I’d just show some of the things I’ve found in the past couple of weeks.


A Goebel Madonna, a K. Adams enamel plate, funky pillow, Paris scenes framed tiles, two pink Depression dishes I liked for candle holders, Rooster stove set, pair of Tappan stove trays/ burner covers, Danish modern candlesticks, blue windmill tile, a lot of Gorham Summer Sky glasses, large fashion prints, old owl stationery, pink ceiling globe and a amateur roses painting. There’s been more, but that’s all I have pictures of at the moment.

Y’all have a great Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “The Turkey Mantle

  1. Hi,
    look at your 11/26/09 post and love the amature rose painting, is it for sale and what is the $?

  2. Your Turkey mantle looks great! For some reason I never come across old turkeys when I’m junking – but, pheasants pop up a lot. So I gave in to them. Maybe I should serve pheasant instead of turkey!?!? Who would ever know? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Love those psycodelic(sp) candles!

  4. Love all the turkeys!

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