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Buttless cat and the psychedelic paper — Cactus planter

Butless Cat and Psychedelic Flowers

Our friend Tiffany, aka The Cranky Queen, has collected what she calls “Buttless Cats”. You know. Cats with their hiney up in the air and an opening for a cactus, a sponge, a pin cushion… But the label Buttless Cat stuck. We no longer buy them for her because it seems she has one – or two – in every color, shape, size and maker. But I still buy them to sell. This one needed flowers in his… uh… bum. I got this vintage, funky, psychedelic wrapping paper at the estate I’m hauling things from and thought what cute flowers it would make. And it did. But before I thought of making the flowers and giving them to the cat, I thought about making butterflies. So I did. And that’s all I’ve got for today.

I didn’t get out to go to the sales yet again. It must be the heat because not much is going on, although I heard that Tiffany did go to some and got a few cool things. We’ll have to watch her blog to see. Or — I could just hop in the car and go the 3/4 mile to her house and see it in person! Now, how jealous does that make you? 😉

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10 thoughts on “Buttless cat and the psychedelic paper — Cactus planter

  1. Love the cute little flowers sticking out of the buttless cat’s hiney! Cool paper! I may just have to do a post on all of my kitties! Tiff

  2. I love the buttless cat! So Cute! First one I have noticed, Lol. If I come across one I now know what they are called!
    Your colorful flowers and butterfly’s are lovely! Hugs,Tee

  3. Buttless cats…I love it. Now I am going to be keeping my eye out. You know..Really. Have not come across any of these little kittys at sales here in Eugene. I found an amazing Chamber pot myself today. Pictures later on my blog (ya I know..a chamber pot?-but she is really pretty)
    We are lucky gals to live so close to our BF…Jill lives across town and it is fun just to pop over and say hi!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I’ve seen one of those and didn’t know what one would do with it- flowers never came to mind! Very cute.

  5. The cat is cute and the color is wonderful. We went to some sales but nothing too good to report on the vintage front sadly. I buy modern for my consignment business and that is good because I do not want that stuff!

  6. We should put flowers in all the buttless cats butts!!..Its adorable!

  7. Haha that’s too funny! I’ve never seen those but I’ll never look at cats the same way again 😉


  8. Just a little FYI…I’ve presented you with the Sunshine Award as a thank you for inspiring me as a new blogger!

  9. what a darling kitty!!

  10. These are adorable. Never thought of them as buttless kitties, but that is just what they are. Sea witch

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