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What do you do with your birdcages?

Oh, my. It’s Wednesday already?? How did that happen? Where did Monday go? And Tuesday? What did I accomplish? Not much, it seems. I am working on the back area of the shop. This will be my work area when the mood strikes. I hope. But none of that has anything to do with birdcages.

Tracy at A Simple Country Life showed us pictures of her booth and in it she had a birdcage. And in that birdcage was a large cup, a something else sitting in the cup and a dolls head coming out of it. Take a look. Pretty cool.

This made me think. What do other people put in birdcages? I have one here at the shop that had candles in it. I burned said candles. They were on a slope and melted. Filled the bottom of the cage up with wax. Oh, I could get it out with a little scraping. Maybe even just a little “pop”, but I kinda like the effect. The picture isn’t so good, but that’s me and my lack of photo skills. It’s much more charming in person.

We could fill them with those little glass bird feeders/waterers. That’s a goal of mine, but I only have four or five. Got a long way to go. How about filling it with old letters? I have another at home, a tall, Victorian looking one that I don’t know what to do with. At Christmas I put lots of glass balls in it. I’m wondering if the bottom will come off and I can put a statue in it. I’ll let ya know.

So what do you put in your bird cage? Let’s see some pictures!

3 thoughts on “What do you do with your birdcages?

  1. Interesting idea.. Never heard of a birdcage being used like that..

  2. I once bought a birdcage filled with Christmas detritis and love it.

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