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It doesn’t take much…

…for me to get really excited. I went to The Dollar Tree the other day and since it’s in the same strip mall as Bath and Body Works and they usually have a pile of great boxes out back – even though most have the tops cut out of them – I thought I’d cruise around back and see if there were any good boxes waiting for me. No, the box pile was pretty much clean, but wait! What is that? I get out of the car and see it’s a neatly folded, long length of bubble wrap! The large bubbles like I like to use. Now, if you never sell breakables on the internet you won’t understand my excitement, but if you do… you really understand the thrill. I was so happy. This wasn’t just a piece or two. It was off a roll. I was about to get in the car when I noticed more in the dumpster. Oh boy, oh boy! I pulled out a long lenght of wadded up BW, but there was more. And I couldn’t reach it. Quickly, I looked around. Found a metal stick in the trunk of the car. Glad I don’t clean out the car very often. So I was able to get most of the BW out of the dumpster. Didn’t leave much at all. I promise!

Here’s a roll from the dumpster in the car:



And here’s the trunk:



Now, how did that look when I rolled it up? Like this:



That saved me $20-30.00. Yes, I’m happy. I felt truly blessed.


I think I broke my little toe. Maybe just jammed. Or maybe it popped out of socket and back in. I dunno.

I was running to answer the phone. Oreo, our grandcat who is now our adopted child… I mean cat… thought it was a fine game and ran, too. She cut across in front of me. Right smack dab in front of me. I had to put on the brakes to keep from trampling her and when I did I stubbed that little toe. I heard it pop. Sounded like a knuckle cracking. In a split second my mind told me that this is really going to hurt, so I hopped around and said, “Ow, ow, ow” before I realized it didn’t hurt much at all. Strange. That’s when I thought “Uh, oh. This might be bad. ” You know, like the injury is so severe it’s numb? That was a day and a half ago and now it’s a little blue and doesn’t hurt at all. As long as I don’t move it or touch it. If I can keep from doing either of those things I’m just fine. And it’s surprising how protective you can be of a toe.


Let’s see. They’re having an estate sale tomorrow of a local antique dealer. They were dealers of nice stuff back in the 1980’s. Now, we all know I’m not much interested in “nice” antiques. And I’m sure it will all be priced higher than the going rate these days. I just hope they haven’t thrown away the junk. Hmmm… I might ride by the house today and see if there’s anything like that out on the curb. And, ah, it being local, I can go, come home and research, go back, then go back again at half price! Gotta love the local sales like that. It’s tough traveling 50 miles one way once or twice a weekend just to find decent stuff. The regular yard sales here are generally a waste of time. If they’re my only choice I don’t usually bother. For one thing I’d have to be up – and OUT – before daybreak and I’m so not doing that!


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  1. I’d be excited too and I almost never ship stuff! Always a great feeling to find something you need that would have been tossed in a landfill.

  2. I was Surfing for something different, but got your page Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk » Blog Archive » It doesn’t take much… and found it Interesting.Nice Post on cottage decorating…Thanks.

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