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Hall Table Before and After – Or Is It A Sofa Table?

A few weeks ago, I found this table at a yard sale for $5.00.

It was missing a top and needed some serious glue in a few places. My husband, who really does not like working with old furniture, he prefers to build from scratch, made a top, glued all the places, sanded and spray painted it for me, God bless him!

He brought it to me and I spent nearly a day waxing. Here’s our finished result:

The picture isn’t that great. I should have taken one before we took it to the booth.

Before I show a close up of the color, distressing and waxing, I want to tell you – again – what an idiot I am.

I couldn’t wait to get it to the booth and rearrange. It looked fabulous! Really classed up the booth. People were stopping by looking at it while I was working. Then I made a seriously goob move. I priced it at $129.00. Whyyyyyy?????!!! I was competing with the booth across from me. She prices her things quite low. But honestly, I think, no I know, she would have priced something like this higher.

When I got home, I thought better of it – the too low price – and planned to go back first chance I got the next day. I also wanted to get a better picture and change the handle. I went back not 24 hours later and it was gone. Not only had it sold, it sold with a 10% discount! So someone got this beauty for $116.00. Sure, that’s not too bad for the $25 or so we eventually had in it, but it could easily, easily, have been more. And I’m not exactly doing this for my health, ya know? Oh, well. I’m proud we actually got it out without it sitting around here for months or even years. But guess what? It’s still in the mall. For double the price. (I think it’s one of the mall owners’ booths.) I think I’ll try to keep tabs on it and see how long they keep it.

I learned a couple of things with this experience. 1.) Don’t be afraid to price higher and 2.) I kinda liked the distressing process! Who knew?

Here’s what we did to achieve the results:

It was first painted with General Finishes Milk Paint. One part Lamp Black to 10 parts Snow White. I hit it with sandpaper in logical places, corners, edges, sticky-out parts and the like, then put a black wax on reallllly thick. I wanted the wax to chunk up in the details. You can click on the picture for a larger view.

About the wax. I used a homemade mixture. A clear paste wax with black pigment mixed in. My husband made that a few years ago. I really don’t know what he used but I do recall wax splatters in my kitchen. I’m pretty sure you can Google how to tint paste wax. Or just buy some Briwax on Amazon already tinted. (affiliate link)

$5 table re-do

2 thoughts on “Hall Table Before and After – Or Is It A Sofa Table?

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  2. Fantastic makeover, Wanda! Those before and after visuals amazed me. Thanks for sharing.

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