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July 2019 Vintage Sales Report

Woot, woot! July sales were pret-ty good. We made it about halfway to our sales goal, which I’ll admit is a bit lofty for us. But doable. Now, my real (secret) goal is much, much higher.

In looking at the low prices some of these things sold for, however, I’m kinda slapping myself. But here’s the thing. I find myself trying to compete with the booth across from me. I’ve mentioned before that her booth is over the top fabulous, one of my favorites, and she practically gives things away. I’ve got to stop comparing myself and competing and just be me. But another thing is the mood I’ve been in. I’ve been in the sell-it-no-matter-how-little-it-has-to-go mood.

Also, I apologize in advance for the multitude of crummy pictures! My phone and the lighting didn’t agree with each other the day so many of these were taken.

The first thing that sold in July was the marble butter keeper. You might remember, if you saw this post, that I paid $4.00 for it having read that butter keepers were hot online sellers, only to realize it must be the pottery ones that sell so well. The marble ones…. not so much. So I put it in the booth for $6.00. I guess any profit is better than no profit.

Butter keeper

I might have let this fence piece go for too little. It only lasted a week or two. It really classed up the place, too! Once it and the table from last month sold, the booth was looking pretty ho-hum again.

White iron fence piece
Paid $20.00
Sold for $60.00 minus the 10% discount so actually sold for $54.00

This green pitcher with no lid lived at our house for years and years. I kept it because, well, it made a good vase! For all those fresh flowers I never brought in. So, with a decluttering determination going on, I took it to the booth. Didn’t last long.

Old green pitcher
Cost? Not a clue, but surely a dollar or less
Sold: $6.00 (Were you expecting more? Sorry to disappoint.)

This arrow shaped basket only lasted a couple of months, too. I don’t remember how much I paid for it. Must have been one of those days I was ready to just get rid of everything without trying to keep up with costs and stuff. It’s also something I wouldn’t normally buy. I was probably thinking Boho. (By the way, it’s the one in the back, not the one hanging in the front.)

Arrow shaped basket

Bird on stump figure

This distressed yellow frame was from the Dollar Tree a couple of years ago. I never used it and again, decluttering, stuck some scrapbook paper in it, put two bucks on it (scared to put more since DT might still have them and a buyer might feel ripped off) and waited a couple of weeks. It sold. Maybe I could have shot for $3.00? LOL

Another from my personal collection. It weighs so much I didn’t want to put it online and it took a few months to sell in the booth.

Green La Solana casserole

This repurposed hanger thing took a little while to sell. And I figured, when I bought it, that it would go quick. Ya just never know. I could have displayed it better, too.

Repurposed junk hanger

I brought this Japan made pottery vase from home. I used it for several years but I really don’t have much blue. But still I waffled back and forth whether to sell or not. I really liked it a lot but it didn’t melt my heart. So I decided to let it go.

Blue drip, made in Japan pottery vase

Okay. I realize this next picture is the worst representative picture ev-uh but it’s the only one I could find. You can kinda, sorta get an idea of what it looked like.

Ocean scene print in oval, metal frame

Embroidered wreath tea towel

A couple more tea towels sold this month for similar prices.

Glass mushroom/paperweight/thingy

I bought this at Hobby Lobby several years ago for my kitchen. I rarely never use a cookbook any more so decided to let it go.

Iron book stand

I found myself in dire need of another flat surface after something had sold and at the same time, a vendor just happened to be closing his booth and had 50% off everything. I snapped up this cute little table for $15.00. I had planned to take it home later and repaint it, but it sold before I could, necessitating another flat surface to clutter up.

Another item I used in my home for years:

Oval, reverse painted cottage picture

Three things in this next picture sold. The two baskets and the book, Ride Like An Indian.

Basket on left

Basket on right


This was a gift from a precious friend. I liked it very much and I feel bad about selling it but, well, you know how it is. It just didn’t cut the mustard in the new house. I didn’t have a good place for it.

Photo album with old photos

I can’t believe this is the only picture of the display mannequin. I bought her at a yard sale a few years ago. She is not old. She has a Made In China sticker on the bottom. I don’t remember how much I paid for her, but it was either $30 or $40. I used her in the shop but have been storing her ever since. Limited space caused me to make the decision to let her go. Sigh.

Display mannequin
$65.00 (Actually $58.50. They took the 10% discount.)

Mosaic tile

So, I bought this churn for $10.00. I know nothing about pottery churns. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. But I figured I could get more than $10 even with the ser-i-ous chips. I didn’t shoot for the moon. Maybe I should have? I just priced it at $30.00. It didn’t last long and they took the 10% discount.

Chipped churn

Rusty plant stand

This planter got rusty like this in my back yard. I don’t think I ever used it.

Rusty wire planter

Table and benches built and painted by my husband. The buyers asked if we’d take less than priced and we did.

Table and 2 benches

Sacred Harp hymnal in poor condition

Sacred Harp hymnal

The rest have no pictures.

  • A basket with a strap — $8.00
  • Vintage Empire State Building brochure — 3.00
  • Pair of figurines. (I still can’t figure out what they were! Inventory numbers are important! Do Not Neglect To Do That!) — 6.00
  • Large scalloped frame — $12.00
  • Mid century atomic design drinking glass — $5.00
  • Thursday tea towel — $10.00
  • Camera tripod (One we used years ago) — $20.00
  • Something with box. (Not a clue on this one either!) — $3.00
  • White wicker waste basket — $17.00
  • A partially finished table with a sanded top, covered up so no one would see, used as a surface only. Someone peeked and wanted it. $100.00
  • 9 cans of paint — $220.92
  • 5 books — $17.00

Four items sold on Etsy. Remember, I haven’t put anything new on there in some time and actually haven’t even renewed in a month or two, so any sale there is nothing short of miraculous.

Enamel turtle necklace

Church cookbook

6" Tupperware doily with tab attached

Yet another Tupperware doily. I think I have one left.

This needlepoint piece is the kind that only has the design worked. You have to fill in the background.


Whew! I believe I got it all but could have missed something. My check from the booth, which is after $480 rent and credit card charges, was $756.40. I haven’t figured up profit on all that but I can assure you, unless I grumbled about not making much on something, the profit was…. well…. nice. (Of course, if you figure in miscellaneous expenses, it gets smaller and smaller.) Many things were free or cost a quarter. I don’t know how much Ricky makes off his tables. That’s something he’s doing because he loves doing it. My guess – we don’t really talk about it – is not a whole lot. But in the end, we did not go in the hole this month. Much. I forget about these expenses — We do have the woodworking shop rent and a couple of storage units full of projects awaiting their turn….. Arghhhhh!!! That takes me back to needing to make my secret sales goal. Don’t let anybody kid you. This is a hard way to make a living but so rewarding.

We’re always interested in what everyone else is doing? Was July good for you or a bust? Do you enjoy reselling as much as I do?

As always, pinning to Pinterest is so very much appreciated.

July 2019 Sales Report
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