Giving up my dad

In my last post I explained where I’d be for the coming weeks. Never did I imagine it would end like this.

A few days before Halloween, my dad was experiencing minor chest pains. He was the picture of health until that time. The only time he had ever been hospitalized in his life was in 1955 to have his tonsils removed! At 89 years of age, the only medicine he took was a blood pressure medicine. He volunteered with the hospital auxiliary, the ramp ministry (where a group built ramps over the steps at homes where the resident was unable to navigate the steps), worked in his yard, drove everywhere and lived a totally independent life. 

He was having these pains, but drove to his lady friend’s house. She knew immediately something was wrong and convinced him to go to the emergency room. They felt sure he had had a heart attack and transferred him to the “big city” hospital.  Continue reading

Checking in

Just wanted to check in and let anyone who might be watching know that I am still among the living. My 89 year old dad, who has enjoyed excellent health throughout his life, had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. It was so mild, he really didn’t know that’s what was happening, but his lady friend talked him into going to the emergency room. Three days later (Monday) he had the dye test which showed one artery completely blocked, another 98% and another 75%. Before going in, we had honestly expected there to be some blockage, but expected a stent would probably be all that was needed. We were in total shock with the results. He chose bypass surgery and they had to wait until his blood thickened back up before surgery. Surgery took place a week ago Friday. Turned out to be four bypasses! Then pneumonia reared it’s ugly head. He’s on a slow road to recovery, but recovery is sure to be. It’s not his time yet.

I’m spending a lot of time at the hospital and will continue to do so. When he comes home, I’ll be spending a lot of time at his non-internet house. Blogging, the booth and social media are the things that will suffer the most. I’ll try to continue to put things in the blog shop and on Etsy. Although, I do have a couple of blog posts I’m itching to do!


Even Vintage Lovers Can Save With Groupon Coupons!

I often talk about saving money on the blog. Usually it’s about getting deals at yard and estate sales, but we can’t buy everything there. Almost, but we do have to go out into the real, retail world occasionally. So when I got the opportunity to do a Groupon Coupons review, I jumped on it. I don’t do sponsored posts often. Most don’t even remotely fit my blog, but saving money does. As far as I’m concerned, saving money is always appropriate!

Most of you know about the great deals you can get through Groupon, but did you know Groupon has coupons, too? Groupon Coupons. And most can be used in store or online!

I have always used coupons. Cents off at the grocery store and % off at department stores. All my adult life. I started back when you could get a nickle off a bag of flour and the coupon never expired. Makes me sound ancient, doesn’t it? My mother used them and passed her thriftiness on down to me and I’ve passed it to my daughter. My, how the coupon world has changed since I first began! We can print them right off the internet these days.  Momma would have loved that.

My mother with money

That’s my mom with money in hand back in the late 1950’s.

At Groupon Coupons you can print cents off coupons specifically for stores like WalMart and Target and % off for places like Barnes & Noble and Bed Bath and Beyond among countless other stores!

But guess what? There are also coupons for eBay! That’s great for vintage lovers and sellers! Right now, one of the offers is for a $10 coupon to be used if you list an item for sale – auction style, Buy It Now or Fixed Price and it sells within 15 days. The coupon can then be used to buy something for yourself — or to flip and resell. Woot-woot! 

I couldn’t find the actual number of stores listed with Groupon Coupons, but it’s mind boggling. Several hundred that start with the letter “A” alone! It appears that if it’s a fairly major chain, it’s in there. I’m sure not all have deals going on all the time, but if you’re going to be shopping in any store, it’s worth it to see what kinds of coupons are available. My favorite store, Anthropologie is there with an extra 10% off coupon. 

If you haven’t already, check it out! If you like using coupons and saving money, you’ll be so glad you did. The money you save can be spent at yard sales! 

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