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Free Graphic Friday – Vintage Easter Child

Antique photo of a little girl and her Easter basket



What do you think? Little boy? Or little girl? But that sure looks like an Easter basket and eggs.

The side of the card stock frame reads:

To Dear Uncle Morris
and family
With love from
age 22 mos.

Guess that settles that. It’s a precious little girl! She looks a little precocious, doesn’t she? Like those chubby, rosy cheeks and sweet little smile might be hiding a whirlwind.


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6 thoughts on “Free Graphic Friday – Vintage Easter Child

  1. Awww! What a little sweetheart! Love the rosy cheeks!

  2. I was going to guess boy cuz I thot a girl might have a bow! Ha! Cute. I’d love it for you to use the peat pots for eggs! They seem made for it! Thanks for dropping by and sayin’ hey.

  3. I never see easter pictures-neat!

  4. Oh see, I was voting “boy.” (No offense Martha 🙂

  5. Are these photos something that you sell?
    Do they sell well?
    What do people use these sorts of photos for?

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