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But wait! There’s more!

I found more stuff I bought this weekend that I’d forgotten about! Wow! How does that happen??



Vintage paints, 22″ doll pattern and 1960s box of crayons.




Large roll of old burlap and bird feeder/waterer. Both for Me. Me, me, me! Sorry. Got carried away there.




1939 picture of the first annual concert of the Hawaiian Islanders.




This cool desk lamp that doesn’t work. But I’m married to an excellent electrician. Now, if I can just get him to fix it…




Sweet, sweet child’s hanky that looks like Easter to me.




Horrible, old, battered suitcase. It was cheap and will be great for props. Don’t-cha think?


And there were still a few other things not worth mentioning. I did find a 1974 Alabama vs. Auburn program. Before I even looked at the date I recognized a player on the cover I went to school with! Yes, ahem, he is older than me — Or to show my schooling wasn’t for naught, and I do know proper grammar, “he is older than I”.



8 thoughts on “But wait! There’s more!

  1. Lucky Girl! Looks like you found some wonderful treasures.

    This is the best time of the season for yard, garage, and estate sales. I always think, just a thrill away from finding what I’ve been looking for all my life, though Heaven knows what that is!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a sweet comment!

    XO Glad & Celia

  2. You are still scoring big time! That 1939 photo is fab! And so is the goose neck lamp! Perfect patina. Great finds all! Vanna

  3. Oh the darling hanky!! The watercolor box is just adorable too!

    Deanna 😀

  4. How funny – I found that EXACT same paint box – yours is in much better shape then mine – I just loved the ‘roo on it which seemed a little strange but makes it that much more fun! Great finds….looking forward to the free graphics J

  5. Great finds-my favorite is the hanky!

  6. You could not possibly FORGET these treasures. You were just teasing us. Now I have to go looking for the childrens hankies I have safely stashed away.
    The desk lamp looks like one of my grandparents era, so really old.

    And thank you for thinking of us and sharing on Fridays.

  7. Looking at those Treasures makes me want to get out & Go A Hunting!!!! 🙂
    Waiting on some nice weather then “Look Out” I’ll be on the hunt!!!!

  8. I should ask how you could possibly forget about all these goodies, but I hate to admit it, I do the same thing. I’ll have to go back to see what I missed.
    Thanks for visiting with me. Of course you can use my drawer and nozzle idea. I’d love to see what you do.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

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