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The Latest Vintage and Not So Vintage Haul

Vintage Haul

It was a fun junkin’ weekend at our favorite church sale! We wait for that one all year, line up at the door, then shop, shop, shop. When we leave, we always feel like we’re leaving some unturned stones. Here’s what I bought from that sale as well as a couple of others.

We’re trying to teach my granddaughter to take videos of her mom and me while we’re at the sales, so we can have some “thrift with me” videos. I can’t figure out how people do that. There are plenty of YouTube videos where people film shopping at yard sales and thrift stores, but I’m a little too shy to walk up to a yard sale with my phone recording everything. A thrift store, maybe, but not when the people having the yard sale are staring at you. Ya know? If you know of a not so obvious way or just how other people do it, PLEASE let me know!

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Hi! I'm Wanda, the owner of Just Vintage and this is my blog where I talk about buying, selling, and decorating with all things vintage. I want to help you learn what to buy for resale and maybe give you inspiration in decorating, even if it's what NOT to do.

4 thoughts on “The Latest Vintage and Not So Vintage Haul

  1. You are so cute, love watching the video of your finds. I am like you, I paint things white because that’s what people like but mostly don’t have white things in my house (sometimes I try but usually end up painting it some color or selling it))

    1. Aww… shucks. Thanks! I tried to have one, small, all white and neutrals room in our old house. It was harrrrrrddddd! Color kept trying to worm its way in. LOL

  2. Hey Wanda!
    Enjoyed your finds haul! I know what you mean about those expensive estate sales. Sometimes I look at the price tags on things, and I’ll think to myself, “they must think that’s made of solid gold!” Ha.
    Those candlesticks that you’re debating about painting or not? I think I’d leave them unpainted if they don’t have flaws. I’m seeing more things appearing unpainted. In fact, I was in a vintage mall recently and almost everything down the main aisle was unpainted. Maybe the tide is turning.

    1. Goodness, I HOPE the tide is turning! I’m already tired of painting stuff. I’ve never enjoyed it much anyway. Never pretended I did. I believe I’ll take your advice and take the candlesticks in just like they are when I go.

      Hopefully, I’ll get this weekend’s haul video done soon. (I’m running behind. Have several waiting to be edited and uploaded.) I went over to Columbus because of two fabulous sounding estate sales. I knew they’d be expensive, but I saw one thing-that-most-people-wouldn’t-expect-to-have-any-value in the background of one of the pictures that I knew I could *probably* sell for $99 online. Yeah. They were priced at $100. I just get so tired of that.

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