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Free Graphic Friday – Mother’s Day

I hunted and hunted and was surprised to find I had very few mother and child photos and no graphic type pictures. None! So I’m sharing the two best of what I have. And that’s not saying much.


Wonder why they look so sad? I know people didn’t smile in the old pictures, but they look like their best laying hen died.
I thought it was a poignant portrait, though.



Maybe you can find a use for one of these. And if you like the little boy above, I’ve got a bunch of his. Picked them up at an estate sale. Apparently he was an only child and they took lots of pictures. And he’s almost always in short pants.

9 thoughts on “Free Graphic Friday – Mother’s Day

  1. Your blog is beautiful and interesting. I have had many collections over the years but nothing with the Mother theme. Good idea though. I especially liked the Mother plaques…very nice. Linda

  2. I love old photos, and yours are great! Yes, people sure did look serious in some of the old shots:)

  3. I love the above one!

  4. I quite didn’t get the “graphic ” bit…But I have something to say though …{a bit sad though…} Last december my dear “nana” passed away (and I live in Australia , she was in Chhile with all my family..) It was VERY hard to live the mourning so far away from all my loved ones, I “hunted” for some pics of her in my film pics I hardly found happy opnes of her I found one that I liked but still quite dissapointing as is the only pic of my mum and her but both of them look sooooo sad!…well probably photos just don’t have to be always nice and jolly – I can’t find any answers for sad pics- Love your photos , they have that mystery in them , I like it!

  5. Good mother and daughter pics! Like your collection in the previous post!

  6. Love this post. It’s true though, when you look for something specific you ususally don’t have nearly as much as you thought…but I bet you found a lot of other stuff you didn’t realize you had. LOL

  7. Love the mother daughter picks. I have very few of me and my mom alone, lots with my brothers and sisters.

  8. Love the old photos!

  9. Those old photo’s took minutes to expose so the subjects had to be very still. It most likely was just the easiest expression to hold without moving

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