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Dollar Tree Buckets to Chic Decor

Dollar Tree Buckets To Chic Decor : Just Vintage Home

Chic decor? Am I stretching it? Maybe a little…. or maybe not? When I found these little, brightly colored buckets at the Dollar Tree, bells and whistles went off in my brain. A light bulb came on over my head. I had an idea I thunk up all by myself! Sort of. OK. Not really. I’ve seen many other tins and pottery done this way, but to my knowledge haven’t seen these – these particular buckets from the Dollar Tree. So I can almost say it’s my original idea. Right? Yeah. I know. That’s stretching things. I’m a such a copycat.

Dollar Tree Buckets

Let’s paint ’em white and put Vinyl numbers on ’em!

Dollar Tree Buckets To Chic Decor : Just Vintage Home

I sprayed them with white Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel

Next, I cut out some vinyl numbers with my Silhouette Cameo die cutting machine and stuck the numbers on the buckets. That’s it. Yer done. Of course you could stencil the numbers on or do an image transfer and if I do more, I’ll probably try those techniques, too. But I’m always looking for ways to use my Cameo. I’ve had it going on a year now and still can’t get over the coolness of it. If you don’t have one yet, maybe it’s time to buy one! Amazon usually has some pretty good prices.

Dollar Tree Buckets to Chic Decor : Just Vintage Home


Got a Silhouette die cutting machine you don’t know what to do with? Craftsy offers a class called Silhouette Savvy for $29.99, but they often put classes on sale.

Craftsy Silhouette Class

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12 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Buckets to Chic Decor

  1. What a great transformation. Who would ever know they originally came from a dollar store?! Great idea! They turned out so good!

  2. totally love the idea of painting them. i definitely need to do that:)

  3. great job ! I love using DT items whenever I can. Just got back from Luckett’s and others in VA. and got inspired !

  4. Hello Wanda: So understand your frustration with vintage car shows. They do not bring out antique collectors/shoppers, they bring out vintage car buffs. Once a summer is fine but you have to pair it with other events such as a outdoor flea market for dealers to clear out stuff they have. Vintage Village owner, Debbie, does a great job of visuals around her shop an these chairs were a huge hit. She had a contest with a gift certificate for both the winning chair and the drawing winner for those who voted. The chairs look so cute alongside the building. She also has mini vegi gardens throughout the grounds in old wheel barrows, buckets, etc. and customers can walk away with free, freshly grown tomatoes, peppers, radishes, etc. So much fun.

  5. Perhaps you mentioned this and I missed it, but how so you display the buckets? Are they hung or sitting on the porch?

  6. Very cute. How do you use them? What are they for?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Angela! I have one on my kitchen countertop holding Stevia packets. My 4-year-old granddaughter loves to put M&Ms in one for her snack. (They don’t even cover the bottom, but she likes it.) She also has one that she likes to put small things in. They would also be fun as house number planters.

  7. I think this is very cute and crafty! You could do several using the numbers in your address on the front porch or walkway! With more you could spell out your street or your last name! So many ways to use letters and numbers! How about a pathway of potted plants that states ” you’re blessed”!

    1. Great ideas! At the moment, mine are scattered. One in the kitchen holding Stevia packets, one in the granddaughter’s room holding little things and one that she likes to eat M&M’s out of when she’s here. 🙂

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