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Fall Yarn Wrapped Wreath

yarn wrapped wreath

Have you been seeing all the yarn wrapped wreaths on the blogs and through Pinterest? There are some really pretty ones out there and I was inspired to try my hand at one. I didn’t want to invest much in the yarn and Wal-Mart was the closest seller of yarns for me, so choices were limited. There weren’t many good fall color choices, but I did the best I could. Cream, brown and cream, burgundy and a brown mix.

Yarn wrapped wreath

(Ha! I’m such the photog. Not. See the camera, my hand, part of my arm and the top of my head in the mirror? Oops.)

I don’t know how people divide it so the colors are evenly spaced. I thought I was smart in using the measuring tape and it still came out uneven. But that’s OK with me.

The flowers? They came out of this basket of knitted flowers I found at an estate sale recently.


We’re vacay-ing in south Florida at the moment. My mission today was to visit Boca Bargoons and…. mission accomplished. I’m still hyperventilating from being in Fabric Heaven! Too bad there’s not one close to home. I took some samples, but I doubt I’ll ever follow through with buying any of it.

I also went to local yard sales Saturday and have been going to the thrifts. There are MILLIONS of thrift stores around here!! Mostly, the merchandise looks very similar to the thrifts back home, but my daughter-in-law said she found a pair of Prada shoes for $6 at one, so I’m determined to hit as many stores as possible.

The last couple of weeks were spent cleaning house because of friends doing house watching and cat care. Heaven forbid they should see it the way it always looks when they come over. LOL

3 thoughts on “Fall Yarn Wrapped Wreath

  1. Anything is possible. I found Lucchee boots at a yard sale. I say keep looking at the thrifts and soak up some sun. xo, olive

  2. Cute wreath. I think it’s better not perfectly even.

  3. I love the wreath!! I had not caught on to this new trend…but I have some awesome natural dyed yarns in my “18th C” collection, so I’m going to try it! Thanks… Loved looking out for Oreo while you were gone, and the house looked great! Your house is always so inspiring!

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