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Pumpkins on the table

Most of you are all decked out for fall and Halloween already. I’m getting a late-ish start. I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman the past week or two. OK. Not actually cleaning much, but cleaning out. Well, not actually cleaning out either, but boxing up the seemingly millions of things that are or will be for sale that made it to the house instead of the shop. I have a real, away from home warehouse, for goodness’ sake! Why is all this stuff here?! One bedroom looked like it belonged on an episode of Hoarders and the long living/dining room wasn’t much better. Another bedroom had become the packing room. This has to stop! The operation has to move back to the old shop. But that’s not what this post is about. I just wanted to show y’all that I’m not a total bah-humbug about fall decorating. Aside from a basket with some fake leaves stuck in it for the front door, this is the only thing I’ve managed so far.

Hard work, huh? Seems like it needs something. Maybe berries or leaves woven through? But, hey. I’m proud to get this much done! LOL I’m hoping to do more in the next few days.

That table, just this morning, was covered with junk. And a photo backdrop, aka cardboard project board sitting on poster board. I’m proud to have got this cleaned up, too. AND dusted, I might add. <Insert beaming, proud-of-myself smile here.>

How far ahead of me with fall decorating are you? Or are you dragging your feet, too? Or do you skip it altogether?

6 thoughts on “Pumpkins on the table

  1. Wanda, it looks splendid. I love that cherub piece and I had one for sale until a shop owner broke it. Putting a pumpkin in it is brilliant. I am liking white and orange this year too. I am not pulling out all my Halloween decor this year. I am just not able to do it. xo olive

  2. What a nice little grouping! I need to get busy. This is very inspirational. 🙂

  3. Sigh, you have described my home almost perfectly. Except triple the stuff. Don’t think I have one uncluttered room and I have a place it can all go to as well. I just keep dragging more and more of it home 🙂
    Love what you have done so far. I have hung a wreath and put a bit on the mantle. That’s it this year. I have to get busy packing and moving things out too.
    Thank you for your visit and sweet comment. I have more ideas than time to do them, wish I could get paid for them ha. Happy fall ! (())

  4. Well Wanda you know how “on top of all things” I am so I’ve got nearly everything *cough nothing cough* decorated for Halloween at my house *winks* Love your cute pumpkin display!
    Oh geeze and talk about a mess…My house is getting seriously scary *sighs* I need a warehouse….but I’d probably just fill that up too…Vanna

  5. Girlfriend high five *slap* to the “grab it and run girls!” No way am I surprised because you’re a pro thrifter *winks* I’m just really happy to have such good company lol! Vanna

  6. Oh goodness…my feet are dragging on the fall decorating!
    Been busy cleaning, organizing, and painting, too.
    I do really like your table decorations though, and your post made me smile! Your writing is great.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

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