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Brown Transferware Love

Decorating with brown transferware

A couple of weeks ago I showed what I’d love to change in my house. Today, I’m showing you something I actually love. My tiny collection of brown transferware that is in my tiny dining room. Or maybe it should be called the breakfast room.

Before I zero in, a quick note about a couple of the other things. The lamp was my mother’s. She had an interior decorator come in and do her whole house in 1967. This lamp stayed on her dresser until after her death. When Daddy remarried, the new wife came with her own stuff and taste. She didn’t care for this lamp, so it got to come home with me. I’ve loved it since it first came into the family and am proud to have it now. The painting came from a yard sale. If I remember right, I paid a couple of bucks for it. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it – with all it’s flaking paint and frame.

The pears were done by my sister-in-law. The plate is not the plate I want, but it is what it is for now.


A stack of demi cups under a clock cloche. They’re the most recent addition. Books and a pitcher in a serving dish. Funny how the difference in color doesn’t bother me so much in person, but I cringe a little when I see it in the picture.

Are you looking to start your own brown transferware collection?  Click here to try eBay for some of the best prices!


We’re back from our little vacation. It was so good to see our son, daughter-in-law and grand-fur-babies. It was nice to be in gorgeous, south Florida. The skies are so vivid and deep there. But it’s really good to be back home. We got antsy to get back and came home a day before we’d planned. Ricky’s already working on the furniture we picked up off the side of the road. (Uh, yeah. That’s another post.) But I’m having a hard time getting back in the groove. I was on such a roll before we left. Cleaning and creating. I want no part of any of that now. Today was a wander around aimlessly day.


5 thoughts on “Brown Transferware Love

  1. I like big pictures. Harder to see things in small pictures (at least for us middle-aged types).

    Your dining room looks so nice for fall.

  2. I LOVE everything ! Would happily move it all over to MY home. (what did you say your address was? 🙂 ) Like the variation in color and the big photos too.

  3. Pictures are perfect in size and theme. Love every piece of transfer ware you are showing. One of my favorite things to collect. Crazy about that pretty little berry bowl.

  4. Ha! I just found my pears last week and put them out! I like the big pictures. I need to redesign my blog because the big pictures get cut off with my layout. Who am I kidding – I don’t have time to do anything! TC and I have been working at Angels, they are shorthanded- he carries out furniture and I wrap glassware and help decorate. Love the cherub lamp 🙂

  5. Melt my heart! That breakfast room area is beyond beautiful! Everything I’ve ever dreamed of! It’s looks so beautiful and delicate! The books, pears, cups and the mood and feel! It should be in a magazine!

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