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Free Graphic Friday

Real photo post card of Victorian ladies

Can y’all stand more free graphics? That’s what I thought. Who can get enough? I’ve accumulated a ton of great graphics and photographs over the years, but have trouble parting with them, yet I’d really like someone to get some use out of them. So here’s my version of Free Graphic day. I don’t have enough to be like Graphics Fairy. Not even close, but I do have enough to do a once a week post with one or two. Haven’t decided how to handle it yet, but figure it’ll all work out. Here are the first two.

To copy them to your computer, put your cursor over the picture, right click and choose save as. If you’re new to all this, be sure you make note of where it’s saving to so you can find it on your computer later. Then you can edit it in your photo editing software to make it smaller if it’s not a good size for your project.

The first one is small, but it is the original size.

Girl and Bird Graphic

Victorian Ladies Postcard



3 thoughts on “Free Graphic Friday

  1. I absolutely love the ladies leaning on each other. It would be good for a gal pal craft item. Thanx for sharing! Tiff

  2. Oh I love them! Thank you! Vanna

  3. I’ll defintely use the ladies in one of my planned altered books – which will get done some time in 2015 (LOL)….thanks!

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