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Decorating the booth for the 4th of July – Patriotic Booth Display

Amazing that it’s already almost the middle 2012 and time to decorate for the 4th! I’ve neglected the booth almost as much as everything else I enjoy lately, but got down there yesterday and did some rearranging. It’s really low on big pieces, except for that *:%#@?&^ fabulous, Art Deco sofa and chair. Actually, it is pretty awesome in it’s original upholstery. It just needs to find the right owner. In the meantime, it’s taking up a whole wall I could be using for something else that might sell a lot faster.

I’m not going overboard with 4th decorations, just a center table of patriotic-ness.

Looks so much better in person. I was quite proud of myself. But looking at the picture…. enh. LOL

Here are a couple more before I have to run off and watch The Killing and Mad Men.



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2 thoughts on “Decorating the booth for the 4th of July – Patriotic Booth Display

  1. Looks good! It seems like no one wants the old furniture much anymore. It’s usually so heavy, but I like the old pieces because they were well made. I’m not such a fan of the new, superstuffed huge arm sofas.

  2. Wanda, that fabric really livens up the space. Love the pin. Olive

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