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Halloween’s tomorrow??? — Halloween booth ideas

Good grief! Halloween’s tomorrow and what have I done as far as decorating at home? I located the box of Halloween decorations. Pulled it out, but never even opened it. I did find some quick spots for the decorations that have been bought throughout the year. No thought given to placement – just find a clean spot and put something there – and nothing to write home about. But I did decorate the booth. Again, nothing over the top like I’d like to do, but at least there’s something there.

A good bit of that has changed already. Several things sold and I’ve brought in more stuff. But I didn’t want the holiday to get by without doing something on the blog!

It all has to be replaced with Christmas and Thanksgiving immediately. The city wide Christmas open house is next weekend. Too early in my opinion, but they didn’t ask me. Wouldn’t have cared what I said anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Halloween’s tomorrow??? — Halloween booth ideas

  1. Cute Booth! Love the old farm table!

  2. Doesn’t look “thrown together” to me. I love it

  3. I may have to have that clown costume after all- Was great seeing you the other day!

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