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Pictures Of the Booth Decorated For Fall

Halloween table in the booth 2017

Finally, the booth is decorated for fall! Such as it is. The booth has been so neglected. There just haven’t been big blocks of time to fix that, Ricky hasn’t had a chance to build any new furniture, and sales have definitely suffered. I was also sharing a booth with a friend at a mall near here and had neglected my part there, too, so I gave that up, changed the price tags, gathered up fall and Halloween things, a couple of crummy bookcases, three pieces of furniture from my Dad’s and planned to spend a day at Angel’s. (Angel’s in Opelika, Alabama)

The booth still feels somewhat empty, but at least it doesn’t look picked over. Well, it might now because several things have sold in the week since redoing everything. 

If you didn’t see last week’s September booth sales post, I shared a picture of how bad the booth looked in September. Here it is now. This post has a lot of pictures and may take some time to load. My apologies. 

The video:


Still pictures:

Fall booth arrangements at the front of the booth at Angel's Antique Mall in Opelika, Alabama

Front and center of booth. All things fall and Halloween. And a crooked tablecloth. Hehe.

Halloween table in the booth 2017

The Halloween table including creepy mannequin arms and a hand with chopped off fingers. A week later and the two blow molds and the Halloween kitties are sold. 

Close-up of bookcase with fallish items.

Pyrex mixing bowls, a tote box with fall leaves and a whisk broom.

Second close-up of the fall decorated bookcase

Not a lot on the bookcase. Just some stuff. But look at that long, plaid handle skillet! Have you ever?! I love that!

Fall color afghan near the fall display in the booth

Fall color afghan next to the fall display. The table and chairs is actually a bumper pool table inside, a card table if you flip the top and a dining table the rest of the time. Somebody out there needs this! Price has been reduced to $299.00!

Vintage, red, industrial tool cabinet

The industrial spot: Great, red, industrial look, metal tool cabinet, No Parking signs and a two drawer, tabletop filing cabinet.

Bookcase with kitchen items in the booth

Bookcase filled with kitchen items. Funny story about the Pyrex Butterprint mixing bowl. (Top left) Right after I set it out and was on the other side of the booth, a young lady excitedly ran over there with her fellow and was telling him what it was. I thought, Oh boy! She’s a collector and excited to find this and I’ve made a sale! Not so. She was just teaching him about Pyrex. It’s still there as of this writing.

Vanity items in the booth

These are kinda lady items. Especially the promotional still of Ricky Nelson! Swoon….. 

Pinks and greens and fancy items in the booth

Pinks, greens and fancy items in the booth. And a tiki statue. And a Cocker Spaniel stamp that sold already. 

MCM corner in the booth

The mid-century modern corner. So, the tulip vase candlestick doesn’t exactly say mid-century, nor does the curly iron table, but that’s where they ended up. The pebble art on the wall has been reduced to $49.00. Mid-century isn’t a huge seller in our area. I think the tiki statue that’s with the pink and greens needs to be over here.

Another picture of the mid-century corner in the booth

Another picture of the MCM corner showing the awesome tent looking basket planter.

Queen Anne chest

The chest, the oriental looking planter, and the oval mirror came from my parents’. And…. ugh. That parking meter certainly doesn’t belong there!! And, I see where that peg hook fell now!

Small wood furniture pieces in the booth

Two more, small pieces of wood furniture from my parents’. The little chest sold before I could even get the price tag on it. I don’t remember putting a price tag on the end table! Oops!

Italian, amber, hobnail bottle with flame stopper

And we’re back around. The amber bottle sold within a week as well. 

I skipped over the paint and the same ol’.  

Pins to Pinterest are so very much appreciated!

The booth decorated for fall and Halloween

Here’s to happy sales for us all!

2 thoughts on “Pictures Of the Booth Decorated For Fall

  1. Looks like your booth has picked up and no wonder! Love the fall touches! And that plaid handled skillet — never seen anything like it!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  2. Looks really really good! Congrats on the awesome job, can’t wait to see your winter creation next =)

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