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He’s Free!

That’s right. My hubby is free. No, silly. He hasn’t been in jail. Not exactly. He’s retired! It’s a few years early. He tried to hold out until he hit “retirement age”, but before he went completely nuts (or worse, got injured) he/we made the decision to go ahead and retire. But he won’t be rocking on the front porch. He won’t be in a bass boat on the lake with a granddog on his arm, either. We no longer have the boat. And he’s about to really have to start working. You see, we still owe bills. It’s not like we could afford to retire. Rather than simply change jobs, he’ll join me and we’re going to try junking for a living. Which means I’ve got to keep my nose to the grindstone. I can’t just go off chasing butterflies like I’m prone to do. I may be the one to go nucking futs first. Excuse me, but I’ve been wanting to use that phrase since reading the Dark Hunter series of books by Kresley Cole.

Today was his first day of freedom. I showed him how to use Turbo Lister for eBay to list some of his tools and the toys and trains he’s been buying to sell when he retired. He just better not expect me to do all his listing. I’ve got my own mountains of stuff to list.


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4 thoughts on “He’s Free!

  1. Best of luck with the new lifestyle!

  2. I hope he enjoys his new life. I am busier than ever since I retired at age 45. I now have two part time things going on. One of which is buy and resell.

  3. Well, best of luck to you both and especially to your hubby! I hope he picks up the junking bug and runs with it!

  4. Congratulations on Retirement…work will still be work, but it will be on your own terms and that makes it ever so much better! Enjoy junking…hope you watch American Pickers

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