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My new booth

The doors of the shop are closed. Oh, I’m still keeping it – as long as I can pay the rent – for the central hub. The place to take things before they go out to a booth and to take pictures and pack and ship. And to work on stuff. Dare I say… paint furniture? That’s in the plan. We’ll see. There’s still plenty of stock at the shop, too. I truly don’t have to shop for awhile, but of course, I will.

When I first heard that there were thoughts of a new local antique mall, I couldn’t get over there fast enough to claim my spot. I was the first. Had my pick of all the spaces, so I chose a bright, well lit room. The beginnings of arranging are here and the empty room is in this post.

So here is how it looked the first day open. Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

It amazes me how so many of the big things aren’t there now. Just a week later. If you didn’t read about the opening, peek at the post before this one.

If you’re interested in any of the small things you see, most are in my Etsy shop and on the web site.



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7 thoughts on “My new booth

  1. I am having to catch up but I can see things are HOPPING for you. You’ll need to restock after this weekend for sure.
    I hope that every one was as impressed as I am and tells all their friends and makes plans to visit often.

    I have to live vicariously through you.

  2. Everything you have in your beautiful space is exactly what I would be buying for mine. If you’re like me, enough stuff is never enough; there’s always room more:-)
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments on my Nana’s quilt.

  3. Nice space. Looks like you are going to stay busy.

  4. It looks lovely. wish I could be there to do a little shopping. Sea Witch

  5. I too am so excited about the P.P.Mkt…hope the “newness” never wears off! Your booth looks fantastic. Glad to know we will have a “hub” for possible furniture recycling! Tiff

  6. Wish I could come there in person and shop around-love a new antique mall!

  7. Hello, your space looks great, I know all the work and the fun in having a booth in an Antique Mall. I did it for 3 years when I was in Idaho and loved it! There will be months that are slow, hang in there, I wish you much sucess!

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