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Clowns and Witches, Witches and Clowns

Ha! Still at it! Got some more Halloween for ya.

This is an older-ish clown head that goes on a flashlight. And let me just say right now, he’s hard to display! It won’t stand on it’s own, so he went into a little match holder. Please ignore the dust that shows up so well on that black glass. Sheesh!

And oh, boy! The witches! One has a broom, the other lost hers somewhere over Kansas, I think. But they’re enjoying peeping out of the basket.

I’m loving the happy witches. They look like they’re having so much fun!


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3 thoughts on “Clowns and Witches, Witches and Clowns

  1. Love the witches, keep the clowns. LOL

  2. I agree — love the witches. They look happy, but what evil plot are they happy about???

  3. Thanks for your comments about my finds. Yea, I had a really good treasure hunt those last two weeks. I have always wanted to go to the CLF but I must admit that the cost to get in is prohibitive for me. I have a buying budget that I stick with and to pay $16 to enter (the cheap fair) and then another $10.00 for parking, I have already used up 28% of my buying budget, sigh. I don’t mind a gate fee of $5.00 but when it starts at $26.00 it’s a bit steep for me. Stop by in at Queen of Hearts-Buford when you can. You will find lots of great finds there and at great prices.

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