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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Are you who are in the US with me busy with Thanksgiving plans? Are you hosting anything this year or going to mess up someone else’s kitchen? Or staying home in your sweats, curled up – or laid out – on your comfy sofa? (That sounds heavenly.) We haven’t decided yet, with Thanksgiving only four days away, if we’re having it here or our daughter’s. Or even somewhere else. Our immediate family is small, so it’s all casual. No big deal. Unless we choose to make it that way by inviting my husband’s siblings, and their families here. He was the middle of seven children, so you see that can get pretty big, pretty quick. We might do Christmas. Or might not.

Vintage Photograph of a Lady and Her Thanksgiving Turkeys

Anyway, just wanted to take time out to share this photograph of an unknown lady and her “Thanksgiving turkeys.” That’s what the photo caption says. I wonder if they were pets or if she did actually kill and eat one?


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