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Fall and Halloween Bottles and Jars and Bottles In Jars

I did some more fall and Halloween decorating. I dunno… would you call this being on a roll? For me it is.

These are super simple.

This is simply a big brown bottle, sitting on a pile of natural colored, crimped, shredded paper, under a cloche with a fall ribbon around it. Quick, fun and easy. Pretty, too.

So what do you do with your small bottle collection? Put some labels on them and put them in a big, glass cookie jar. I used some hand made paper to print the Gothic numbers and the poison label. Tied a strip of muslin around the top and that’s it.

I used the re-stick-it glue so if I get tired of this display, it won’t be so much trouble to get the labels off.

Let me know if you do something like either of these little projects. I’d love to see them!

1 thought on “Fall and Halloween Bottles and Jars and Bottles In Jars

  1. The jars within the jar is brilliant.

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