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Melanie’s Christmas decorations

And while I was at Melanie’s house, I took pictures of her Christmas decorations despite her protests that she didn’t have anything blog worthy, it all still needed tweaking, she wasn’t finished… It looked pretty darn good to me.


That’s a piano leg hanging on the wall! Now we’ve all got something else to search for, don’t we?



Close-up of the Christmas things on top of the piano leg.



(She bought those gorgeous candelabras from me, by the way. Do I regret selling them? Ummmm… maybe. But they look wonderful where they are and I still get to see them. I probably didn’t have a good place for them, anyway. She saw them as I was pulling them out of the box right after buying them. I never had a chance to even think about wanting them. LOL)







That little Lefton cherub urn came from me, too. But you could have owned it. It had been on the web site for awhile. Oh, and the little ink bottle on the right was bought at the shop.



Christmas tree with furs and hats




Do you love this? Fur collars, hats, gloves, jewelry… And it looks so much prettier in person! One of her cats gets up there and pulls off one collar and one hat, never disturbing the rest.


Framed Jewelry Christmas Tree

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree



Silver Platter Christmas Chalkboard









Kramer, the Yorkie. I thought I got a picture of Katy, the Maltese, but apparently not.
Next time, Katy!

6 thoughts on “Melanie’s Christmas decorations

  1. My favorite is the glove tree! Guess I know what I will be saving up this year!!

  2. Love the vintage valentine on the buffet!

  3. Melanie has quite a decorator’s touch! Fascinating! I’d love to see all this up close and personal.

  4. …so many inspiration pics! LOVE, love, love Melanie’s use of vintage jewelry. Oh, and the tree toppers in the glass candle holders…so pretty.
    lol! make sure and repost when she tells you she has created blog worthy vignettes. 🙂

  5. Beautiful & creative decorating – thanks for showing us!

  6. This is MY taste FOR SURE! I love EVERYTHING! I love the tree toppers in the glass candle holders too, Lucy. I have lots of these candle holders! This is something I may try to do next year!! Thanks for sharing with us, Wanda!!

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