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Fall Decor – A Simple Fall Leaves Decoration

Fall leaves arrangement

Leaves for Fall Decor

Here’s some simple fall decor for you. If you know me at all you know I’m kind of a vintage snob. I like things that have some age on them and have resisted new stuff for… well… I suppose since I started housekeeping. Sure, there are newer things in my home, but the overwhelming majority of things are old. I tend to do that to my booth as well. I mean, I named the business Just Vintage. That ought to mean something! But I realize most people aren’t as particular – no that’s not a good word – persnickity – that’s it – as I am and it doesn’t matter if it’s new or old as long as they like it, so I’ve been trying to pick up things for the booths that are newer and stylish.

That’s where this metal basket came in. I found it at a yard sale and bought it with the intention of selling it, but once I put some yummy smelling candles in the side holders and a stem of autumn leaves in the basket, along with a couple of mini pumpkins, I knew it would stay with me.

A simple fall leaves decoration

I’m working on getting over my snobbishness. It’s not that I don’t like new things, I find many, many new things beautiful. It’s just that it’s usually cheaper to buy old. And the less money I spend, the better.

Hey, looking at the picture above gives me another idea. How about…..

A simple fall leaves arrangement

Yeah. I think I like that better.

Get the look:

I didn’t find that exact basket online, I’m sure they don’t make it any more, but here are some from Decor Steals you can use in a similar way. (By the way, I love Decor Steals!)



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  1. Hi Wanda, your wire basket is pretty. I like vintage better too. I hardly ever buy new. I find new, expensive, somewhat boring, and definitely lacking patina. Having said all that I have a retail store featured on my site today because my readers like it, a lot. Got to keep my tribe happy. I sell a mix of vintage, new, and modern. I am sad to say modern and new sell for me better. My vintage lines sell pretty good though. So many antique stores are closing around here. The stores with a good mix are doing better. xo, olive

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