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This Year’s Vintage Easter Decorations

Vintage Easter Decorations

Woohoo! I’m a tad late getting out the Easter decorations, but better late than never. After years of cramming everything I could onto the mantle and having it look like a giant threw up vintage Easter decorations, I finally realized I didn’t have to use everything I owned. In that one spot. Maybe if the rest of my house was clean and not just the mantle and the couple of other spots I used, I’d spread it out and use it all, but it’s not. So I didn’t. My picture taking skills need work – still – the camera and part of my hand is even in one picture – and in spite of great natural light, that room is really hard to photograph – maybe some little something will inspire you to get yours out or start your own vintage Easter collection.

Vintage Easter telegram


An Easter telegram stuck in vintage, crepe paper flowers.


Vintage Easter Decorations

Left side of the mantle. The stuffed bunny on the right was mine as a baby. I also had a crank, Peter Cottontail just like this one, but it went the way of a yard sale back in the ’70s. I was lucky enough to run across this one a few years ago at an estate sale and didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg. The little, round box in the middle with the bunnies popping up? It was a cottage cheese container from the late 1950s, or perhaps early 1960s, made into an Easter basket! 

Vintage Easter Decorations

Right side of the mantle. There’s the other cottage cheese container to go with the one above. They belonged to two brothers. 

What happened to the middle of the mantle you ask? My picture taking skills. It was one, big blur. Yuck.

Vintage Easter Decorations

This one is my favorite. We decorated these peat pots a few years ago.  The photo in back is of a child with her (or could be a he) Easter basket. It’s available as a free graphic for you here: Vintage Easter Child.


2 thoughts on “This Year’s Vintage Easter Decorations

  1. Cute blog post and sweet stuff…you just made me remember some decorations I forgot to get out. Thanks

    1. Thanks, Muriel. So, did you get them out in time for Easter?

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